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Re: [NTB] Unable to edit html file

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  • Jody
    Hi weigheyeman, Please understand what Help says (below) before making changes to binary documents such as *.doc, and *.exe, etc. I suggest you read this in
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 4, 2005
      Hi weigheyeman,

      Please understand what Help says (below) before making changes to
      binary documents such as *.doc, and *.exe, etc. I suggest you
      read this in full as well.

      Some servers and programs add a binary character (null) at the
      end of the files. This is usually the case when you know they are
      text based files such as.txt and .htm. NoteTab detects the
      character and warns you that it may be a binary file like .doc,
      .jpg. NoteTab replaces the null character (binary value of no
      importance usually) with a replacement character. That assumes
      you have your binary features checked under the Files tab in
      Options. You can see the character in Options | File | Binary
      Replace Character. When NoteTab replaces it it also marks the
      file as read-only in NoteTab under the Document menu.

      You have a couple of options to take. One is if you know for sure
      the file is a text based file, take it out of read-only from the
      Document menu at the bottom and then Ctrl+End to get to the bottom
      of the document. This assumes that is where the binary/null
      character is and where they are normally inserted at. The NoteTab
      default replacement character is the center dot/center period. If
      you see it at the bottom, delete it and then save the file. If you
      upload to the server and then download again, and the same thing
      happens you can use the second option.

      The second option is to uncheck all the binary warnings in Options
      | Files. You can get there from the View menu. There are three
      binary options to be concerned with. Actually, you can leave the
      warnings there if you don't mind the error message every time you
      open one of these files. If you turn off all three, then just
      remember that you did so and do not try to edit true binary files
      like .doc (MS Word) files - you will surely corrupt them.

      The following is from Help (under the File tab in Options).

      Filter Binary Codes:
      By default, if you try to load a file that contains null
      characters (a character with a decimal value of 0), NoteTab will
      treat the first occurring null as the end of the file. This
      option lets you override this behavior by allowing NoteTab to
      substitute null characters with another character – defined in
      the "Substitute Binary Character" field. When set, you can load
      the full content of any type of file (including binaries).

      Important: saving files which have had characters substituted
      will not restore the control character! This option slows the
      loading of large files, so do not set it if you use only true
      text files.

      Warn Partial Loading:
      Warns if a file has only been partially loaded due to the
      presence of null characters. This option has no effect if "Filter
      Binary Codes" is set.

      Warn Binaries Substituted:
      Displays a warning message if binary characters have been
      substituted in the loaded document.

      >I am having trouble editing an html file with NoteTab Pro. When I type
      >into the file the typing seems to be ignored. I can copy characters,
      >but cut and paste are greyed out.
      >I can edit the file using Word Pad and on returning to the open file
      >in NoteTab I get a reload prompt. When I accept I get the message
      >"file not fully loaded use filter binary codes next time". I have set
      >the filter and reloaded the file. I get no error message but still
      >cannot edit the file.

      Happy Tab'n,
      Jody Adair

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