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Re: (Fwd) Re: [NTB] Total printing pages

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  • Sam Labourne
    Hi Jody, TxtPrint is exactly what s needed - until NTP has similar functionality ;-/ it works exactly as needed and then some - thanks. Ooh yes, still using
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2005
      Hi Jody,

      TxtPrint is exactly what's needed - until NTP has similar
      functionality ;-/ it works exactly as needed and then some -

      Ooh yes, still using a reg version of Phil Katz's orig 2.04g for all
      8.3 files or Winzip parked in the systray 8-þ.

      All else is your usual wealth of tips 'n help. It's almost tempting
      to ask regular obscure question just to see the 243% extra stuff you

      Thanks Jody. Regards ...

      Sam Labourne

      > Hi Sam,
      > >I'm using a simple old DeskJet 600 to print screenplays
      > >and submissions. Works perfectly for the job.


      > You might try out a freeware printing utility that adds
      > quite a few more printing options and preferred by many users over > the
      regular windows print dialog used by NoteTab. If you need to
      > discuss TxtPrint, please do so on the Off Topic list.
      > You can download the Library that Eric Fookes made which
      > has a link to the small TxtPrint utility (both links are below) in > it
      which will give you print preview, page n of pages n and allow
      > you to print selections of text instead of the whole document.
      > It has a number of other small nice to have features too.
      > You need to have a compression utility to unzip the zip
      > files. Ask me if you do not know what that is. Install TxtPrint10,
      > the software, wherever you would like. Install the .clb file
      > Eric made to the NoteTab Libraries folder. It will show up on the
      > Libraries Bar at the bottom of NoteTab. Click on it to activate the
      > Library.
      > Clipbook Library - goes in Libraries folder:
      > http://www.notetab.com/clipbooks/txtprint.zip
      > TxtPrint10 - Install wherever you want:
      > http://www.notetab.com/ftp/txtprinten10.zip
      > You can put the printing Clip on your default Clipbar if
      > you wish. For more information about the Clipbar in
      > registered versions of NoteTab and some basic Clip information
      > please read the following web page.
      > http://www.notetab.net/html/clipbar.htm
      > Also, you can go into Windows Explorer (or My Computer)
      > and right click over TxtPrint.clb and then check Properties. Click
      > on Hidden and that will hide the Library off the Libraries Bar. You
      > can still access it from the Clipbook's combo box, the small upper
      > window which is above the Clip items in all Libraries. Please
      > see Help | NoteTab's Glossary for terms you might be unfamiliar
      > with.
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