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Re: [NTB] Re: NTP Tab Size follow-up

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  • Jody
    Hi Bruce, ... ;) ... Try opening a doc you have not changed yet (tabs) and the .fpr file. Change the tab data, save and reload. See what fields are
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 11, 2005
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      Hi Bruce,

      >> In case we have not mentioned this, you might be setting the
      >> global setting for all new documents [thinking] it will change the
      >> old ones.
      >> If that is the case, then open a doc you want to set the existing
      >> tab size differently in. Click on Document (main menu) |
      >> Properties and change the setting there. You may have to reload
      >> the file. FYI, the settings (only for each file if changed, I
      >> think) for a file is stored in the NotePro.fpr file found in
      >> NoteTab's main folder. I do not have the "cheat sheet" for what
      >> each field represents.
      >Yes, dear Jody, methought that changing the "global" tab would have
      >some effect on the document I was gazing upon. For some reason [dead
      >brain cells?], I've missed/ignored the Document | Properties page,
      >and always gone to View | Options | Documents since day one.


      >By creating a new document, and then copying all the text from
      >the doc of my concern to the new doc with it's blessed newly set tab,
      >allows me to continue on my journey with the doc of my choice with
      >tabs as I prefer.
      >As for the "cheat sheet" on the NotePro.fpr, I hope it somehow makes
      >it's way back into the light ...
      >I am also a programmer, and so I can also appreciate how things like
      >this can get lost in large software projects like NTP.

      Try opening a doc you have not changed yet (tabs) and the .fpr
      file. Change the tab data, save and reload. See what fields are
      added/changed. If you can correctly determine that, then it is
      just a matter of editing the .fpr file. (I'll try to remember to
      ask Eric if he has the format codes for the .fpr.) And, you are
      right, he may not have the cheat sheet in which case he would
      have to look inside at the source code; wishful thinking on
      getting that done until we start upgrading it. :)

      The following needs to be replied to on the Clips list, if you
      need help with it; see my signature line:

      You might be able to modify one of my Clips in my DirStuff.

      I have a number of Clips that work with directories in my
      DirStuff. You'll find some that you can modify to do what you
      want. Look for ones that use ^$GetFiles instead of the ones with
      the older method using ^$GetFileFirst/^$GetFileNext although those
      still have good use for some purposes. Try right clicking over the
      Library combobox and choose "Open as Document" and then do a Find
      for ^$GetFiles. ^$GetFiles can also do sub-directories by option.
      They'll use ^!SetArray.

      In the loop that opens files, add the ^!Menu Document/Properties
      command. You might be able to use ^!Keyboard in the Properties
      dialog, but most those windows are modal (?) and you cannot use
      the ^!Keyboard command in them, but it may be easier that doing a
      copy/paste or simply a Save As...

      NoteTabbers Assistant Library Page
      Direct download for DirStuff

      Affiliate links for Fookes Software, thanks! :)
      Fookes Software Home
      NoteTab Home
      Buy Fookes Software Now!

      >And I also need to design my own help structure for my own project.
      >This has been a useful experience for me in more ways than one.


      Happy Clip'n!

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