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Re: [NTB] en and em dashes / was:(unknown)

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    Okay. Try this: http://www.publicintegrity.org/docs/onegroup.doc It s a Word 2003 file. One paragraph that has 2 em dashes and one regular dash (minus sign).
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 11, 2005
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      Okay. Try this: http://www.publicintegrity.org/docs/onegroup.doc
      It's a Word 2003 file. One paragraph that has 2 em dashes and one regular dash
      (minus sign).

      What I typically do is select the text from Word. right-click Copy. Go to
      NoteTab. right-click paste.

      Yep, just tested the character map and it copies into NoteTab fine too. One
      thing I just noticed is, I went from Word -> WordPad -> NoteTab and the dashes
      copied correctly.


      Quoting Pete Hoyle <hoylesp@...>:
      > I tried to reproduce this, but it works OK for me. I don't use Word, but I've
      > created files using both Notepad and Wordpad that have en and em dashes in
      > them. With Notepad, I saved the file both as Ansi and as Unicode. I loaded
      > both of them into NoteTab and they came with the em and en dashes. The
      > Unicode version was read-only in NoteTab.
      > With Wordpad, which is a word processor similar to Word (i.e. it is not a
      > text editor like NoteTab and NotePad), I copied the text including the en and
      > em dashes to the Windows clipboard and then pasted it into NoteTab (both with
      > the pasteboard function and with an explicit paste), and in all cases the en
      > and em dashes were there in NoteTab.
      > I inserted the dashes both with the Windows Character Map accessory and with
      > Alt+0150 and Alt+0151 on the keypad; the result was the same.
      > I don't know if there are any NoteTab settings that might affect this
      > behavior. Could you describe an exact set of steps that would let us
      > reproduce your problem? Can you post a small test Word file somewhere that
      > has en and em dashes that do not paste into NoteTab for you?
      > Oh, what exactly do you mean by "regular dashes"? The usual terminology is
      > that there are en dashes, em dashes, and the common ascii character known as
      > hyphen or minus. I presume that last is what your en dashes turn into.
      > Do my experiments give any clues to the NoteTab experts?
      > At 10:16 AM 2/10/2005, Han wrote:
      > >I've been trying out NoteTab as a notepad replacement and have run into a
      > >problem. Maybe I'm missing something...
      > >
      > >When I'm copying text from MS Word into NoteTab, em dashes get turned
      > regular
      > >dashes. On the other hand, it copies in fine going from a webpage into
      > >NoteTab. Em dashes remain em dashes in that case.
      > >
      > >...
      > >
      > >Anyway, any thoughts?
      > >
      > >Han
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