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Re: [NTB] Newbie questions.

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  • Jody
    Hi Ron, It would be best for you to sign up on the Clips list so that a Clip can be built and you can learn to build your own from it/them. The reason you want
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 24, 2004
      Hi Ron,

      It would be best for you to sign up on the Clips list so that a
      Clip can be built and you can learn to build your own from
      it/them. The reason you want Clips is because it looks like this
      is something that you will be doing over and over again. You
      don't want to have to type it all out every time if it gets
      dropped off the list in the Replace dialog. Plus, in the
      registered versions you can put the Clips on the Clipbar for real
      quick access.

      ------------ Discussion mailing lists at YahooGroups ------------

      You may sign up for the different discussion mailing lists from
      either of the links below. We use YahooGroups for the lists.
      _Please_ read the following if you decide to sign up!

      If you sign up for any of the discussion lists, please *_do not_*
      post questions about NoteTab *Clips* and other scripting languages
      (such as *RegExp*, PERL, etc.) on the NoteTab Basic list. Use the
      Clips or Scripts list for them.

      More difficult tasks should be posted on the Clips or Scripts
      lists. HTML should be posted on the ntb-HTML list and off topic
      discussion takes place on the ntb-OffTopic list. The MailBag
      Assistant, Easy Thumbnails, Easy Imager, and Album Express lists
      are for discussion of those programs.

      The most important thing to remember is please leave the NoteTab
      Basic list for the *_very basic_* use of NoteTab. The other lists
      are a lot more flexible, for instance: Clips and RegExp can be
      used and are welcomed on the HTML list. Thanks!!!

      Discussion mailing list subscribing and un-subscribing:

      If you are already signed up for the NoteTab Basic list, there are
      links in the YahooGroups footer to get to the Clips and Off Topic

      ---------- End Discussion mailing lists at YahooGroups ----------

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page
      Useful Libraries and Clips for NoteTab: http://www.notetab.net

      Fookes Software Home Page via Jody's affiliate link:
      http://www.fookes.com/regnow.html?2448&item=home ;) Thank$ for
      getting the cookie if offered; they're delicious! :)

      >I'm a newbie who is about to launch my first email campaign.
      >I don't know how to properly format them in the following 2
      >I have pasted my csv-formatted email leads into a (2) separate
      >NoteTab documents, one I saved as a Text file, the other as a
      >DOS Ascii file. After saving them, they appear in a MS TextPad.
      >When going to Edit and clicking on Reformat... the csv addresses
      >that were previously listed in a single column... are then listed as
      >in the sample below... but a space appears after all the commas.
      >To remove the spaces I have used the Find/Replace method, but
      >since I have numerous (.ae, .se, .jp, .gov, .biz, .gov) addresses...
      >it is very tedious to use the Replace method.
      > Question 1: Is there another way that I can remove all the
      > spaces after all the commas?
      > Question 2: Is there a way that I can also save my email
      > lists in a Tab Delimited format?
      >Format sample with the commas:
      >abe@..., abenetis@..., absollutto@...,
      >abu@..., abundance333999@...,
      >access@..., adiene@..., adload@...
      >Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
      >Thanks a lot,
      >Ron Cummings
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      >The NoteTab Clips List: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ntb-clips/
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      >Yahoo! Groups Links

      Happy Clip'n!

      www.clean-funnies.com, http://www.fookes.us/maillist.htm

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