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Re: [NTB] Find and Replace using NoteTab Pro

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  • delmar3@aol.com
    _richardharrington1223@yahoo.com_ (mailto:richardharrington1223@yahoo.com) writes: use NoteTab Pro to find and replace links on multiple pages Richard, Don
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 19, 2004
      _richardharrington1223@..._ (mailto:richardharrington1223@...)

      use NoteTab Pro to 'find and replace' links on multiple pages

      Don brings up a feature I never used. Good going, Don. We'll keep that one
      in my head's memory bank. <G>

      Here's what I do, guys. I load 372 webpages (12x31) into NoteTab
      Then, I click on Search | Find, and click on "All Documents". Enter my
      search link, the whole <a href line, and place my new one on the "replace window.

      Lo and behold, right before my very eyes, the bottom task bar flies through
      all pages.
      Click on File |
      Save All and close out.

      Visit my webpage, click on "today's Activities" to get an idea of what the
      pages look like.
      Hope this helps
      Del Parent - _http://members.cox.net/wellsrdmtn_

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