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[NTB] Re: NT Light won't save position and size

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  • Dr. John Watson
    Hi.. I am having the exact same issue. Tried everything you suggested in this thread, no joy. I m on Windoze 2000 with a fresh, clean install of notetab. -
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 27, 2004
      Hi.. I am having the exact same issue. Tried everything you suggested
      in this thread, no joy. I'm on Windoze 2000 with a fresh, clean
      install of notetab.

      - Oliver

      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Jody <kjv-av1611@e...> wrote:
      > Hi Manny,
      > Oops, late again... ;) This isn't as long as it seems; some of it
      > further down you can skim over, but don't miss the part in the
      > mailing list section about what the Basic list is for. <vbg>
      > In short, if this doesn't fix it, then post over on the Off Topic
      > list. If something here does, then what? Thanks -jody (I Cc'd you
      > in case your unsubscribed.) Try out Pro Trial; maybe it'll work
      > for you. See waaaaaay down... ;)
      > FYI: You mentioned that the Save Window State on the Titlebar
      > menu does not stay/get checked. That is the normal operation. The
      > Open Centered in the same place should stay checked though.
      > I assume you can change other settings OK, but try storing the
      > settings in the system registry in View | Options | Advanced...
      > If you do not see the Advanced tab, check Show Advanced Features
      > in the View tab. That will make a bunch of other options show up
      > too and their menu items as well.
      > You can just skip to: "I'd first try opening NoteTab's INI file"
      > This is all just manual stuff for geeks that a INI will take
      > care of. :)
      > If that doesn't work, you can delete all the [RestoreWindows]
      > section in NoteTab's INI file, or just rename it when NoteTab is
      > closed. See below the [RestoreWindows] section below for the long
      > version of renaming the INI file. :) If none of this works, I
      > think we have exhausted this as far as NoteTab goes, so I suggest
      > you try out the Pro version (which uses a different input control)
      > and/or post over on the Off Topic list. (See below also.) The
      > following can have an effect it as well: Replace MS Notepad &
      > Restore MS Notepad under the Help menu; the tray icon - both
      > settings - View + General tabs: Icon in System Tray, Close To
      > Tray. (A new INI will fix all that, though <g>.) You can also,
      > just for grins of course, open NoteTab's INI file and manually
      > check: RestoreSizePos=1 in the [Options] section in the INI file.
      > [RestoreWindows]
      > UseSystemTray=0
      > TEFO_FrmNotepad_Restore=1
      > TEFO_FrmNotepad_Width=800
      > TEFO_FrmNotepad_Height=601
      > TEFO_FrmNotepad_StayOnTop=0
      > TEFO_FrmNotepad_Center=1
      > TEFO_FrmNotepad_Top=0
      > TEFO_FrmNotepad_Left=1
      > TEFO_FrmNotepad_MonitorCount=1
      > TEFO_FrmNotepad_WindowState=2
      > TfrmFavorites_Restore=1
      > TfrmFavorites_Width=450
      > TfrmFavorites_Height=429
      > TfrmFavorites_StayOnTop=0
      > TfrmFavorites_Center=1
      > TfrmFavorites_Top=125
      > TfrmFavorites_Left=153
      > TfrmFavorites_MonitorCount=1
      > I'd first try opening NoteTab's INI file found in its main folder
      > (NotePro.ini or NoteTab.ini for Std/Light). Retype over a letter
      > so that it creates a state of needing to be saved. Simply save
      > the file with an exclamation mark (!NotePro.ini or !NoteTab.ini)
      > in front of it and restart NoteTab. Restart NoteTab.
      > If that does not work, try a new INI file by renaming the current
      > so you can save your settings by going back to the original if it
      > doesn't help. If you want to create a new INI file, *close* NoteTab
      > and rename NotePro.ini found in its main folder (NoteTab.ini for
      > Std/Light). Start up NoteTab and it will use its default settings
      > actually creating the INI file when you shut it down.
      > If that fixes it, try going through the same procedure, but
      > rename your original INI file back to its original name. If it
      > looks OK then, all is well. If not you will need to build the new
      > INI file again and redo all your settings. You might be able to
      > get away with copying all the text in the old INI file and
      > pasting it into the new INI file. Simply save the file with an
      > exclamation mark (!NotePro.ini or !NoteTab.ini) in front of it
      > and restart NoteTab.
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      > >I tried your suggestion below before my original posting and have
      > >just tried it again with the same result:
      > >
      > >The window state I save will work during one notetab session. That
      > >is, I can open notetab maximized, set the size and position I want,
      > >and then toggle between maximized and the size/position I set.
      > >However, this is true ONLY for that session.
      > >
      > >Once I close notetab, it again opens only maximized or in a 3"
      > >window (more specifically, in the smallest window within which
      > >notetab can possibly open).
      > >
      > >Looking at this in terms of the "saved window state", on my system
      > >only two possible states are saved: the largest window in which
      > >notetab can open on my 1024x768 screen OR the smallest window in
      > >which notetab can open on my screen--BUT NOTHING IN-BETWEEN.
      > >
      > >I can send you a screen shot if you tell me how to do so--I don't
      > >see anything in the yahoo group interface that allows this.
      > >
      > >I am convinced that a software issue in my system is causing this
      > >problem, but have no reasonable way to establish where the conflict
      > >lies (within the OS or because of some installed program).
      > >
      > >I have tried a total removal/reinstall, but get the same result. I'm
      > >willing to experiment a bit. Can you advise where the window state
      > >is saved? If so, I'll try changing the ini or registry setting
      > >manually to see what happens.
      > >
      > >I like this program, but it is frustrating to the point of
      > >unusability with this issue.
      > >
      > >Any ideas or other suggestions?
      > >
      > >Thanks,
      > >Manny
      > >
      > >--- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "manny_blatt" <yahoo@c...> wrote:
      > >> Note tab will open only at full screen or in a window about 3"
      > >> wide and 2" high on my 1024x768 screen. If I open it full
      > >> screen and click the "restore down" button, it goes to 3x2". If
      > >> I drag the tiny window to the size I want, this size does not
      > >> persist through closing and restarting NT.
      > >>
      > >> These are the only two sizes NT remembers. The "open centered"
      > >> item on the title bar can be selected but has no effect. The
      > >> "save position and size" option also has no effect. The "save
      > >> window state" choice on the title bar does not show a check
      > >> mark when selected and does not stick.
      > >>
      > >> The problem exists whether I double click an associated file
      > >> type or start NT from its icon.
      > >>
      > >> Running XP pro with ATI Radeon 9600 graphics.
      > Happy Tab'n,
      > Jody Adair
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      > http://www.fookes.us http://www.clean-funnies.com
    • Jody
      Hi Oliver, ... I forget if this was mentioned. It usually fixes it. 1. Resize and adjust the program window where you want it. 2. Click on the program icon
      Message 2 of 6 , Aug 27, 2004
        Hi Oliver,

        >Hi.. I am having the exact same issue. Tried everything you
        >suggested in this thread, no joy. I'm on Windoze 2000 with a
        >fresh, clean install of notetab.

        I forget if this was mentioned. It usually fixes it.

        1. Resize and adjust the program window where you want it.
        2. Click on the program icon located on Titlebar (upper left).
        3. Uncheck "Open Centered" if checked.
        4. Click on the program icon again.
        5. Click on "Save Window State" (which does not get a check mark).
        6. Restart NoteTab at this time.
        Tip: You can right click on the Titlebar for the same menu as above
        or press the Alt key and then the spacebar while holding Alt down
        (Alt+Spacebar). Simply pressing Alt alone will collapse the menu
        once opened or clicking in a "non-clickable" area of your screen.

        Take care,
        Jody Adair

        The whole world doth err save you and me,
        and even thou doest err some!
        http://notetab.net, http://fookes.us
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