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RE: [NTB] Print Header Alignment

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  • Jody
    Hi Greg and Michael, Oh, those headers and footers! At dark-thirty in the morning I was thinking of like a business letter heading with the address, etc.
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 26, 2004
      Hi Greg and Michael,

      Oh, those headers and footers! <bg> At dark-thirty in the morning
      I was thinking of like a business letter heading with the
      address, etc. to the left and the date to the right. Thanks for
      looking out after me Greg! :)

      Here's my "txtprint" keyword for NoteTab's PasteBack feature:

      You might try out a freeware printing utility that adds quite a few
      more printing options and preferred by many users over the regular
      windows print dialog used by NoteTab. If you need to discuss
      TxtPrint, please do so on the Off Topic list.
      http://www.notetab.net/html/maillist.htm < -- Subscribe/Unsubscribe

      You can download the Library that Eric Fookes made which has a link
      to the small TxtPrint utility (both links are below) in it which
      will give you print preview, page n of pages n and allow you to
      print selections of text instead of the whole document. It has a
      number of other small nice to have features too.

      You need to have a compression utility to unzip the zip files. Ask
      me if you do not know what that is. Install TxtPrint10, the
      software, wherever you would like. Install the .clb file Eric made
      to the NoteTab Libraries folder. It will show up on the Libraries
      Bar at the bottom of NoteTab. Click on it to activate the Library.

      Clipbook Library - goes in Libraries folder:
      TxtPrint10 - Install wherever you want:

      You can put the printing Clip on your default Clipbar if you
      wish. For more information about the Clipbar in registered
      versions of NoteTab and some basic Clip information please read
      the following web page. http://www.notetab.net/html/clipbar.htm

      Also, you can go into Windows Explorer (or My Computer) and right
      click over TxtPrint.clb and then check Properties. Click on Hidden
      and that will hide the Library off the Libraries Bar. You can still
      access it from the Clipbook's combo box, the small upper window
      which is above the Clip items in all Libraries. Please see Help |
      NoteTab's Glossary for terms you might be unfamiliar with.

      >> You can only align all the text. You cannot align just words,
      >> phrases, lines, etc. You need to use a word processor like MS
      >> Word to do what you want. If you know HTML coding, then you could
      >> format it in HTML, and print from your browser.
      >Right answer to the wrong question! :-)
      >This one is about header/footers - and the Help file (Print
      >Dialogue Box) is particularly lacking (or I haven't found the
      >right page and it's poorly indexed)!
      >>> I cannot find in this newsgroup a description of how to align
      >>> text in the Print Header. I'm pretty sure that I've seen
      >>> alignment parameters before, but cannot find it now that I
      >>> want to use it. What I'm trying to do is have The header print
      >>> a couple words Left Justified, and another one Right
      >>> Justified. I've tried using slashes, and \t's but it just
      >>> prints them as-is.
      >I don't think there is a way to do this using NoteTab to print
      >your file. You could look at the recommended Third Party utility,
      >TxtPrint, which does include some alignment options for

      Happy Topics,

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