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Re: [NTB] Remove lines with keywords?

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  • Rob Henrichon
    Hello All, Is there a method to saving bookmarks in a file when you close it out? When I reopen the file - the bookmarks are gone. They are so helpful when
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      Hello All,

      Is there a method to saving bookmarks in a file when you close it out?
      When I reopen the file - the bookmarks are gone. They are so helpful when coding - there must be a way.

      Thanks for all help!


      Rob Henrichon
      Ontrack Interactive Media
      129 Spruce St.
      Rutland, VT. 05701

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      From: Jody
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      Subject: Re: [NTB] Remove lines with keywords?

      Hi Palladin,

      >This is my first post. I hope it's acceptable. My question
      >involves whether NoteTab has the ability to remove lines from a
      >text file that contain a certain keyword, or string.

      You need a Clip to do what you want. I'm copying the Clips list
      where you need to sign up for and continue with this on that
      list. Please see my signature line to subscribe to it. TIA You
      might want to post right away and mention that the word "bad"
      given in your example can be anywhere in the domain, not just
      starting with it. So, both the following lines would be deleted.
      If it needs to be when they only start with "theSearch.String.us"
      let us know. badboss.tv bossbad.tv

      >Anyway, here is a brief sample of what my Hosts file looks like:
      > backupdvd.info
      > backwebtechnologies.rsc01.net
      > bad-credits.net
      > bad.a6.squally7845tabs.us
      > badboss.tv
      > badcredithistorycreditcard.com
      > baden24.ivwbox.de
      > badlands.112.2o7.net
      >There's thousands of these "hosts", or websites, in my Hosts
      >file. What I need NoteTab to do is remove all host entries that
      >contain a certain word, or "string" that I specify, because I
      >have another filter method based on keywords, and I want to slim
      >my huge Hosts file down, for speed of access purposes. So far I
      >have not been able to figure out how to do it with my NoteTab,
      >but I feel N.T. can do it. For instance, if I specify that
      >NoteTab remove all entries that contain the word "bad" from the
      >list above, NoteTab would delete or separate from the list 6 of
      >the 8 hosts, starting at- bad-credits.net.
      >There will be around 200 of these keywords I will use to pare
      >down my very large Hosts file. If I could specify all 200 strings
      >in the same operation, that would be even better, but I'll settle
      >for one at a time. Is any of this possible with NoteTab? And if
      >so, how? Thanks, Billy

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