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Re: [NTB] Problem with network drives?

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  • David Smart
    Robert (I d already sent my reply to Jody before your message arrived. Thank you for your follow-up.) The problem I m having is that it used to work fine.
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 12, 2004

      (I'd already sent my reply to Jody before your message arrived. Thank you for your follow-up.)

      The problem I'm having is that it used to work fine.

      NoteTab 4.90 was happily editing files using either UNC naming or mapped drives until about a week ago.

      Then I brought Windows 2K Pro up to date by applying all the latest patches from Microsoft. Now I'm getting this behaviour from NoteTab 4.90 and 4.95 when editing using UNC naming. I don't get an error from Notepad or Arachnophilia which are the other text editors I routinely use on server shares.

      It looks like a minor incompatibility between NoteTab and Windows 2000 which has been brought to light by the patch installation. (Note that I certainly don't want to back the patches out, as the only problem I've had is this one.)

      At Jody's suggestion, I'm going to re-post my message on the Scripts list.

      Dave S

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      From: Robert Romberger
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      Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2004 6:59 AM
      Subject: Re: [NTB] Problem with network drives?

      Jody wrote:

      >Hi David,
      >>If I edit a text file using a network path - i.e.
      >>\\computer\drive\directory\filename - I get an error popup when I
      >>try to save it. The popup gives the file name, then "... was not
      >>successfully saved to disk. Size does not match (difference of
      >>nnnn bytes)." The number of bytes in the "difference" seems to
      >>be the full size of the text file.
      >>If I edit the same file using a mapped drive - i.e.
      >><drive>:\directory\filename - the save works correctly.
      >The path with the double \\ won't work to the best of my
      >knowledge. It is probable not a valid path. Try it in other
      >programs and see if you still get the same error. You might try
      >signing up for the NoteTab Off Topic list if you need more Help
      >since this list is for the very basic use of NoteTab and not
      >really for troubleshooting network problems.
      >The most important thing to remember is please leave the NoteTab
      >Basic list for the *_very basic_* use of NoteTab. The other lists
      >are a lot more flexible, for instance, Clips can be/and are
      >welcomed on the HTML list. Thanks!!!
      Um...Not to slam you or anything, but your DOS is showing. The
      \\computer\drive\directory\filename path is a UNC (Universal Network
      Connection) path and is a valid style path name using Windows
      (especially NT, 2k, and XP). A better answer to the question would have
      been that UNC style paths are not supported at this time (maybe in the
      future?) and you should use the drive:\directory\filename instead, i.e.
      x:\directory\filename where x is the drive letter (mapped drive) of the
      local or network storage device. And this is a very basic question that
      concerns how NoteTab locates the files it is going to work on.


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