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Re: [NTB] Searching any better ways?

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  • Larry Thomas
    Hi Treeline, ... I do not know of a way to modify the basic Search function. You can only do this with a clip. ... You need to join the clips list and I or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2004
      Hi Treeline,

      At 03:07 PM 6/3/04 -0000, you wrote:
      >Is there any way to modify the Search function in Notetab?

      I do not know of a way to modify the basic Search function. You can only
      do this with a clip.

      >It's okay but I get chagrined when it does not always
      >do what I want, which is to search thorougly a document.
      >Sometimes I have to say All, then it reverts to Down
      >and goes back to the beginning.
      >If I am SELECTing a section, to put in another document,
      >I can't search the other document (for where to do a
      >copy and paste) since it will only search in the
      >Do Clipbars allow the modification of the program?
      >Not don't get angry of this pettiness. I use my
      >text files as huge collections of facts so I
      >need pretty good search functions.
      >Would there be any way to specify the Up instead of
      >the Down? Currently I have to Tab or use the mouse.
      >Would be great to just have a key combo to change
      >that on the fly as needed.
      >Any automatic transmissions for the search function?

      You need to join the clips list and I or someone else will help you with a
      clip. A clipbar is a special toolbar that the NoteTab user can create for
      theirselves if you have the registered copy of NoteTab Std or Pro. NoteTab
      Light cannot use the clipbar. The clipbar allows you to assign your clips
      to a toolbar button on it and run them just by clicking that button without
      having to open a clipbook library.

      There are many many ways to write clips to do almost anything you want
      including some very sophisticated searches. Once you have joined the clips
      list, I will try to help you with it.

      Discussion of clips and how to write and use them is a subject reserved for
      the NoteTab Clips list. Jody Adair also prefers that technical topics such
      as regular expressions and how to write scripts also go to the Clips list
      or the Scripts list. The basic list is for discussion of the basic
      features of NoteTab for new users. You can join the other lists by sending
      an empty post to which ever list or lists that apply to the subject of your

      The NoteTab Clips List............ ntb-Clips-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab Scripts List.......... ntb-Scripts-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab HTML List............. ntb-HTML-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab Off-Topic List........ ntb-OffTopic-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab Beta List............. ntb-NextRelease-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Jody also has set up a web page on his site to subscribe to or unsubscribe
      from the lists at:


      If you want to reply with a clip to someone on the basic list and you do
      not know whether he (or she) is on the Clips list or not, you can post your
      message and clips to the Clips list and Cc: to the person you are replying to.

      Thank you.



      lrt@... e¿ê
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