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Re: [NTB] How can I execute a clip command

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  • Jody
    Hi Paul, You need to sign up for the NoteTab Clips list (see below to signup) to learn how to write Clips, ask questions about making them, etc. This list is
    Message 1 of 4 , May 1, 2004
      Hi Paul,

      You need to sign up for the NoteTab Clips list (see below to
      signup) to learn how to write Clips, ask questions about making
      them, etc. This list is not for Clip discussion. I can give you
      some pointers now though that stay within the boundaries of this
      list which is for the very basic use of NoteTab.

      Larry read into what you wanted to do more than me. I answered
      what you asked, but you wanted to know something different than
      what you asked. :) You want to know how to make a Clip. To find
      out what a command or function (parts of a Clip - you posted a
      command) does go to Help | Help on Clipbook programming | Index
      and type in the command or function or scroll to it.

      This link is to detailed help for the Clipbar, but the last four
      topics will help you do what you want. (You need to sign up for
      the Clips list to discuss it. :)

      NoteTab's Clipbar and Clips
      How to Make a Clipbook Library
      How to Create a Clip
      How to Edit a Clip
      How to Delete a Clipbar or Library

      Clip Tutorial
      The following is a download for a Clipbook programming tutorial
      designed to walk you through Clip writing. It includes "Getting
      Started" (which is a web page with a number of images displaying
      different parts of NoteTab that deals with Clipbooks), making a
      Clipbook Library, adding Clips, and editing Clips, on to more
      difficult Clip writing. Be sure to read the Introduction also.
      Open ClipTut.clb and then click on the ClipTut.otl Outline Clip
      to open the Outline.

      All the contents of the zip files go in NoteTab's Libraries
      folder. http://www.notetab.net/zip/cliptut.zip

      You can also sign up for the NoteTab Clips List to get answers to
      Clip questions, but please do not post there concerning the
      tutorial. NoteTab Clips Subscribe & Edit Options:

      Subscribe, unSubscribe, Options

      You may sign up for the different discussion lists from either of
      the links below. Please read the following if you decide to sign

      If you sign up for any of the discussion lists, please do *not*
      post questions about Clips and other scripting languages (such as
      RegExp, Perl, VB, etc.) on the Basic list. More difficult tasks
      should be posted on the Clips or Scripts lists. HTML should be
      posted on the HTML list and Off Topic discussion takes place on
      that list. Easy Thumbnails, Easy Imager, and Album Express list
      are for discussion of those programs. The most important thing to
      remember is please leave the Basic list for the *very basic* use
      of NoteTab. The other lists are a lot more flexible for instance
      Clips can be/and are welcomed on the HTML list. Thanks!!!

      Discussion mailing list subscribing and un-subscribing:

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page (Useful Libraries and Clips for
      NoteTab, an excellent text and HTML editor): http://www.notetab.net

      Fookes Software Home Page via Jody's affiliate link:

      >We maybe talking apples and oranges here, I don't know,
      >this so very confusing and frustrating,
      >I took the very first example from the help file on
      >clip programming, which is:
      >I type in that line and double clip on it and nothing
      >happens. I highlight it and hit enter and it disappears.
      >Isn't this support to start up another version of NoteTab?
      >Can someone give me a very basic example of line of code
      >and how to activate it??? I have been looking through the
      >help for hours and have figured out nothing. A basic
      >tutorial would help very much. All the documentation in
      >the world does not help if it does not help someone get
      >-Paul Kadow

      Happy Clip'n!

      www.clean-funnies.com, http://www.fookes.us/maillist.htm

      Subscribe: mailto:ntb-Clips-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      UnSubscribe: mailto:ntb-Clips-UnSubscribe@yahoogroups.com
      Options: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ntb-clips
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