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  • felix peregrino
    On Thu, 01 Apr 2004 11:53:37 -0800 ... Thanks, Robert, your enthusiasm has me reaching for my mouse. I ll check it out. :-) felix
    Message 1 of 24 , Apr 1, 2004
      On Thu, 01 Apr 2004 11:53:37 -0800
      "Robert Romberger" <jestar@...> wrote:

      > I have a number of resources for teaching perl (I learned on my own, then
      > took a class at college and helped teach perl to the teacher, I now tutor
      > perl), but that is mostly off topic for this list. I'll send this one
      > though, as it is really good for folks new to perl.
      > http://learn.perl.org/ The site for people learning Perl.

      Thanks, Robert, your enthusiasm has me reaching for my mouse.
      I'll check it out. :-)

    • Jody
      Hi Felix and Others, This might be a bit lengthy, but I feel I must come to NoteTab s rescue. There are two key points below that I mention though that
      Message 2 of 24 , Apr 1, 2004
        Hi Felix and Others,

        This might be a bit lengthy, but I feel I must come to NoteTab's
        rescue. <g> There are two key points below that I mention though
        that should help beginners tremendously, the main menu and
        NoteTab's Glossary. I have not throughly read all this thread (a
        group of messages on the same subject) of the other about using
        and understanding what is written for help with NoteTab, so I
        might repeat something.

        >I'm subbed to most of the NoteTab groups and read everything
        >thoroughly even though I don't understand much. I don't know
        >enough to even ask good questions yet, but that will come once I
        >get my first good inkling of the general gist of things.

        First off, NoteTab does not have/come with a tutorial. The Help
        file or Help off the main menu (the list of words across the top
        of NoteTab starting with File, Edit, Search...) of NoteTab is for
        reference. It never has been and never will be to teach somebody
        how to use the program from top to bottom. That would cover a few
        books to be sure. The reason I say that is because of the many
        things that people use it for and the many tools it has. For
        example, someone mentioned having to learn two things at once
        like NoteTab and HTML. I agree! If NoteTab's Help had to be
        written to teach HTML, it would be books in itself just for that.
        (One does not need to know books of information though to get
        started with HTML.)

        I have never read a help file or tutorial except for reference
        now and then. I found that when starting off with a computer they
        are too difficult to understand and by the time I knew a little
        bit about computer programs for Windows they were way too easy
        and did not tell me much. Actually, I find NoteTab's Help file
        one of the better ones and find it very useful for reference,
        because I tend to forget some of the Clip syntax that I don't use
        often. I purposely used "Clip" and "syntax" so you could flame me
        for using words that you have no idea whet they are like

        You'll find that they are often used words (terms) on the lists
        and in the Help file. I think it is the terminology that cause
        beginners to go into frenzies! (I do say that in a nice way -been
        there, done that). I remember what it was like trying to
        understand something when I had no clue whatsoever what often
        used words meant. The answer/solution for that is made simple in
        NoteTab, at least I think it is. Some of us got together a few
        years ago and wrote a glossary of terms for NoteTab. You can
        access it easily from the Help menu. When you are reading Help or
        on the lists and a term comes up that you do not know, simply
        look it up. We'd be here forevermore trying to explain every word
        that is not in the common everyday English language.

        I think a lot of people go at (approach) NoteTab the wrong way.
        They seem to expect it to know what they want to do which of
        course is impossible. You need to know what you want to do first
        and then try to find ways to do it with NoteTab.

        To get an overall understanding of any program, I always go to
        the main menu and start clicking to see what it has. Most the
        time I know what a lot of it does just because they are standard
        features in any Windows program. Take Copy, Cut, Delete, Paste,
        for instance and they are normally found under the edit menu. If
        I want to see certain bars, windows, and the like I go to the
        View menu. The File menu normally deals with opening, closing,
        saving, printing, files.

        In NoteTab you can click on an item in the main menu and then on
        an item (or a sub-menu and then an item in it) and press F1 to
        pull up the Help file for that item. It will also have the other
        items listed in that portion of the menu. That should be a great
        help for beginners along with the NoteTab Glossary. One user
        (perhaps Jonathan) once noted on the list that it was one of the
        best glossaries he had found in any program. It not only covers
        the terms used in NoteTab, but some of the related areas also.

        Happy Tab'n,
        Jody Adair

        NoteTabbers Assistant Page Clean-Funnies dot com
        http://www.notetab.net www.clean-funnies.com
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