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Re: [NTB] Re:Word wrapping & such

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  • Larry Thomas
    Hi John, ... I assume you are using NoteTab Light/Std. This program appears to have a bug in the Wrap to Column feature which works just fine in NoteTab Pro.
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2004
      Hi John,

      At 05:01 PM 3/4/04 +1100, you wrote:
      >Hi Folks
      >Non comprendo!
      >I still struggle with wrd wrap (affects the display) and wrap to column
      >(adds CR/line feed for printer) and wrap to window, but can't seem to make
      >any sense of it!

      I assume you are using NoteTab Light/Std. This program appears to have a
      bug in the Wrap to Column feature which works just fine in NoteTab Pro. I
      have Pro and rarely use Light/Std. When I do, I leave the Wrap to Column
      setting off and I leave the Column number blank and it seems to work ok.

      >1) I'm typing a doc and all is perfect on the display. After printing, I
      >get several normal paragraphs and then a one liner corresponding to a
      >truncated para. that goes out to a margin a mile or two to the right (a
      >wide window?) Ok, I may have typed in a few invisible ctl characters!!! How
      >do I get rid of 'em? I can't fix it as it looks ok on the screen. So I add
      >a hard return somewhere in the first line and get a normal line followed by
      >a short line and the rest of the para prints normally. Not pretty!

      As you have guessed, the word wrap is doing this.

      >2) probably related to (1): I'm editing a para by adding a line or so and
      >the line I'm on grows out to the right to the margin of the window and
      >wraps to the next line, leaving a long line and a short one in the text.
      >(This is probably a CR added by wrap to col. in my earlier attempts to fix
      >it) I keep one eye on the col/line counter. The long line ends at 79/116,
      >80/116 (line 116) and continues on the short line 80/1, 80/2, 80/3 ....!!!!
      >(Odd numbering convention!)

      The number convention is the line number followed by the column number.
      You can tell this by placing your cursor at the beginning of a line and
      then cursor down and up and watch the line number change on the left side
      of the colon. Then cursor left and right and watch the column number
      change on the right side of the colon. So 80:1 means the first character
      position in line 80, 79:116 means the 116th character position in line 79,

      >Documents, properties says: Wrd wrap ON, Wrap to col. 92 OFF (92 is the
      >print width using Times Roman)
      >View, options, docs says: Wrd wrap ON, Wrap to col. 75 OFF (75 likely left
      >over from page width Courier New)
      >Presumably line 80 is the width of the window on screen? (close enough to
      >be true).

      The normal width of the screen is generally 80 characters but it is
      definitely affected by the font size. You can see this by making yourself
      a test document. Copy text from another document to a new document and
      then change the font size on the new document. Larger sizes will fill the
      screen with fewer characters than smaller font sizes. The different font
      styles also affect the number of characters per line. In NoteTab Light/Std
      unlike Pro, you can use variable width True Type fonts and the character
      spacing is (of coarse!!) variable in width which again affects how many
      characters are displayed on each line. Some letters in this case such as
      "i" or "l" take up less horizontal space than "m" or "w" so a line made up
      of twenty l's will be shorter than a line made up of twenty w's. You can
      try it and see. If you have a fixed width font though, the l's and w's in
      their respective lines will take up the same space. You can show yourself
      this by typing a line of twenty l's and directly below that typing a line
      of twenty w's and then changing the font to a fixed width font such as
      "Courier New". You will see the two lines are the same length. Now change
      the font to "Times Roman". You can also see the effect of size changes
      this way by changing them and observing. That is why I general prefer to
      use fixed width fonts and NoteTab Pro (which cannot use the variable width
      fonts anyway).

      >3) I'm typing, the screen is perfect. I print and every line is short a few
      >words (words missing at end of every line) - too many words per line for
      >the printer! So I guess I set Wrap to col and the screen puts the overflow
      >on the next line, so I get a full line, short line, full line, short line
      >etc on screen. Then I guess I try Modify, lines, join lines and I get one
      >line per paragraph, each line a mile or so long! Some times it does
      >nothing, so I select the whole doc with Ctl A and Modify... join lines
      >again. Looooong lines appear...I tend to give up at this point!

      Everything you describe here appears to be most likely due to the formatted
      document except the place wher the long line is truncated on the left side.
      There, you should check your printers settings which appear on my system
      when I select the File/Print menu item. On the margin tab of that item I
      have an item labeled "Word Wrap" and I have it checked. If it is not
      checked, then any long lines extending beyond the right margin will be
      truncated and will not be printed. This is the printer setting not
      NoteTab's setting.

      As for the Wrap to Column feature and the other features, You should be
      aware that NoteTab handles these items in a general default setting for all
      new documents and in a custom setting for specefic individual documents and
      this can cause confusion when you want to make changes.

      You should make your changes first to the View/Options menu item on the
      Document tab. Then you make changes to any individual document on the
      Document/Properties menu item.

      I have unchecked the Wrap to Column box and when that is done, the number
      to the right of it no longer matters. That number is only applicable if
      the Wap to Column box is checked and then it determines where the word wrap
      will take place. The bug appears in that the word wrap will not reformat
      if I have it set to -- say 45 and it is wrapped to column 45 then I change
      it to 70. It will not reformat to 70 unless I reload the document. Eric
      is not fixing bugs on NoteTab right now so Judy has told me to hold my
      report until he starts beta testing version 5. So I just don't use Wrap to
      Column. When Wrap to Colum of not checked that the normal feature of
      wrapping to the visible screen works just fine - no problems.

      I hope that this helps you figure it out.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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