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Re:Word wrapping & such

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  • john.crichton@agric.nsw.gov.au
    Hi Folks Non comprendo! I still struggle with wrd wrap (affects the display) and wrap to column (adds CR/line feed for printer) and wrap to window, but can t
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2004
      Hi Folks
      Non comprendo!

      I still struggle with wrd wrap (affects the display) and wrap to column
      (adds CR/line feed for printer) and wrap to window, but can't seem to make
      any sense of it!

      1) I'm typing a doc and all is perfect on the display. After printing, I
      get several normal paragraphs and then a one liner corresponding to a
      truncated para. that goes out to a margin a mile or two to the right (a
      wide window?) Ok, I may have typed in a few invisible ctl characters!!! How
      do I get rid of 'em? I can't fix it as it looks ok on the screen. So I add
      a hard return somewhere in the first line and get a normal line followed by
      a short line and the rest of the para prints normally. Not pretty!

      2) probably related to (1): I'm editing a para by adding a line or so and
      the line I'm on grows out to the right to the margin of the window and
      wraps to the next line, leaving a long line and a short one in the text.
      (This is probably a CR added by wrap to col. in my earlier attempts to fix
      it) I keep one eye on the col/line counter. The long line ends at 79/116,
      80/116 (line 116) and continues on the short line 80/1, 80/2, 80/3 ....!!!!
      (Odd numbering convention!)

      Documents, properties says: Wrd wrap ON, Wrap to col. 92 OFF (92 is the
      print width using Times Roman)
      View, options, docs says: Wrd wrap ON, Wrap to col. 75 OFF (75 likely left
      over from page width Courier New)
      Presumably line 80 is the width of the window on screen? (close enough to
      be true).

      3) I'm typing, the screen is perfect. I print and every line is short a few
      words (words missing at end of every line) - too many words per line for
      the printer! So I guess I set Wrap to col and the screen puts the overflow
      on the next line, so I get a full line, short line, full line, short line
      etc on screen. Then I guess I try Modify, lines, join lines and I get one
      line per paragraph, each line a mile or so long! Some times it does
      nothing, so I select the whole doc with Ctl A and Modify... join lines
      again. Looooong lines appear...I tend to give up at this point!

      At the end of the day N_T_free does wonderful things that The Evil
      Emperor's WP doesn't. It is a jewel! Keep up the good work! Cheers,

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