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Re: [NTB] File filters in the Insert... dialog

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  • Don Passenger
    the html clip library contains this: ^!SetWizardLabel Enter values for tag attributes ^!InsertWizardHtml
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2003
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      the html clip library contains this:
      ^!SetWizardLabel "Enter values for tag attributes"
      ^!InsertWizardHtml <A HREF="^?{&Link URL}"><IMG ^?{(T=T;F="Image
      Files|*.gif;*.png;*.jpg;*.jpeg")&Image file name} BORDER="0" ALT="^?{Image
      text &description=^&}"></A>

      under this:
      Hyperlink with image

      Obviously that isn't hard coded. Where are you talking about.


      Don Passenger

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      From: "loro" <loro@...>
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      Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 10:16 PM
      Subject: [NTB] File filters in the Insert... dialog

      > Meant to ask this a couple of years now. Better late than never! Are the
      > file filters in the File Open dialog when you use "Insert HTML Link/Image"
      > hard coded in Notetab? They are both somewhat lacking but I don't find a
      > way to change them.
      > Lotta
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