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Re: [NTB] question on Regular Eexpressions

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  • David S April
    Hey Daniel: I don t know if your example just wrapped in the email, but if the 1st book line (starting with Gillis, Malcolm... is supposed to be all on one
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2003
      Hey Daniel:

      I don't know if your example just wrapped in the email, but if the 1st book
      line (starting with "Gillis, Malcolm..." is supposed to be all on one line,
      the regex would be


      which means "find a comma, followed by zero or more characters, followed by
      a colon".
      then you'd just replace it with a colon.

      Hope this helps.


      At 02:00 PM 7/3/2003 +0200, you wrote:
      >I have a rather complex problem, at least for my capacities concerning
      >regular excpressions:
      >I have a big file containing publications in BibTeX-style, exported from
      >EndNote. The entries look like:
      > Gillis, Malcolm and Perkins, Dwight H. and Roemer, Michael and Snodgrass,
      >Donald R.:1996,
      > Author = {blabla} }
      > Godoy, Ricardo and Contreras, Manuel:2001,
      > Author = {blabla} }
      > >From the second line of each entry I would like to delete everything
      >starting from and including the first comma until the first colon, but
      >excluding the
      >colon. The result should look like:
      > Gillis:1996,
      > Author = {blabla} }
      > Godoy:2001,
      > Author = {Godoy, Ricardo and Contreras, Manuel},
      > Title = {blabla} }
      >How is that possible?
      >And, even more challenging...:
      >Is it possible to change the file, in cases of authors with more than one
      >publication/year, to automatically add sequential list of letters to the
      >end of
      >the second, third,... year like:
      >- 2000 for 1st pub of author "Garcia" in year 2000
      >- 2000a for 2nd pub of author "Garcia" in year 2000
      >- 2000b for 3rd pub of author "Garcia" in year 2000
      >I hope I pose these questions to the right list. I guess the second one
      >might involve a clipbook...
      >I would appreciate, if anybody could hint me to a decent
      >tutorial/explanation of regular expressions. I found the existing entries
      >in the help menu only
      >partially helpful...
      >Thanks a lot in advance for any help, cheers,
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