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RE: [NTB] Will NoteTab open these files?

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  • Greg Chapman
    Hi Dianne, ... If the Brother is the same model that my 85 yr old father has, then it has two export as ASCII options. One is Plain Text the other is
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 4, 2003
      Hi Dianne,

      > My friend has two word processors (BROTHER LW-810C & SHARP FW-500
      > Fontwriter) and has written loads of poems and plays on them, however
      > she would like to get the text onto PC. Do you know where I could
      > find utilities to extract just the basic text from her files which
      > are stored on standard diskettes? The BROTHER diskette can be read on
      > a PC with notepad, and the text seen within lots of other characters.
      > I haven't got a diskette from the SHARP word processor so I can't
      > tell about that one at the moment.

      If the Brother is the same model that my 85 yr old father has, then it has
      two "export as ASCII" options. One is "Plain Text" the other is "Text with
      Formatting". (I may have mis-remembered the precise terminology.) It also
      saves text in its native format, the one that you have seen.

      Your best bet is to get your friend to export all files as plain text. This
      places a "return" at the end of every paragraph and makes it pretty easy to
      import it into any PC-based text editor or word processor from where they
      can be edited. The "with formatting" version inserts a "return" at the end
      of every line, which tends to make life a little more difficult - NoteTab
      has the tools to solve that one! :-).

      The worst case is Brother native format. I haven't examined the codes in my
      fathers files in detail, but from recollection it was all 7-bit ASCII and
      you got bunches of codes at the end of every line of text. this would be
      trickier to extract on a PC, but may be possible with the use of some
      complex "regular expressions". It would probably be best to submit a small
      sample of ten lines or so, so the regular expression experts here, could
      suggest a "formula" to use.

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