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Re: [NTB] notetab add/remove puzzle

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  • paul
    hi jody, thank for all the details contained in your previous mail and in this one. ... From: Jody To: Sent:
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 14, 2003
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      hi jody,

      thank for all the details contained in your previous mail and in this one.

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      From: "Jody" <av1611@...>
      To: <notetab@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: 14 March 2003 14:06
      Subject: Re: [NTB] notetab add/remove puzzle

      > Hi Paul,
      > >the only bum note is that i lost all of my favorites lists. these
      > >were extensive and an important part of my work order, so
      > >building them from scratch is going to be time consuming. why
      > >this happened when the clipbooks were left entirely intact, i've
      > >no idea. v. frustrating but at least everything is in working order.
      > Uh, sorry I was late. ...and I forgot about the Favorites
      > anyway, but that is one of the reasons I mentioned to zip it all
      > up first. (If you had of uninstalled first and then zipped up,
      > you would have lost the .fvr's. Eric believes those belong to
      > him also. <bg> I grin because I can remember "jumping all over
      > Eric" years ago for deleting **my** NoteTab ini file!!! :) You'll
      > get over it. Look at it this way, in a few hours or whatever you
      > will have a fresh clean install just the way you want it. :) I
      > really ought to do mine sometime; it's been years and there are
      > about 208MB under it now. ;)

      makes my 67mb seem quite reasonable! ;-)

      i'm kicking myself actually. i have in my possession a very nifty piece of back up-ware
      called 'second copy 2002' (http://www.centered.com) which is perfect for this type of
      situation but i didn't have my thinking cap on. anyhoo, it's now set up for incremental
      back ups of the .fvrs folder, here on in.

      i think i was lulled into a false sense of security having done numerous upgrades over the
      past few years. of course, these leave your personal settings well alone...

      > So, add to this, backup FVR files in the Favorites folder as well.
      > NoteTab shouldn't remove any of your files. (The INI is not
      > yours although you may think it is. <bg> Ever since NoteTab
      > removed my NoteTab INI back around v2.63d or 3.0 I've had plenty
      > of backups. ;) Your work in one of NoteTab's installed Libraries
      > is not yours either as far as the uninstall goes.

      just as well i created my own libraries then, instead of tampering with the existing ones.

      > Personally, and I know you feel this way at the moment, I like
      > the programs that leave any files like ini or support files that
      > can be edited like NoteTab's Libraries (if they have changed) in
      > the folder with a popup saying you have to remove them manually
      > or at least a prompt that says, "Delete them anyway?" I'm sure
      > it is a support issue for the most part and pretty much standard
      > protocol. You might not feel like hearing it, but...
      > Happy Tab'n,
      > Jody Adair

      guess what? i'm in agreement with you! ;-) if a file is editable you should at least be
      give the option of retaining them. the pop-up alert would be an ideal solution but it's no
      use crying over deleted files... i'll still be moving up to the much anticpated v.5 when
      it lands.
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