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FYI: Notetab_PDF_w_Enhanced_Indexes posted

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  • Sheri <silvermoonwoman@comcast.net>
    The following file is now available in our group files area http://groups.yahoo.com/group/notetab/files/ Notetab_PDF_w_Enhanced_Indexes.ZIP 612K The document
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2003
      The following file is now available in our group files area

      Notetab_PDF_w_Enhanced_Indexes.ZIP 612K

      The document text was written and copyrighted by Fookes Software (as
      Notetab.pdf). The software version documented is version 4.91. This
      version of the PDF takes advantage of search related enhancements in
      Adobe Acrobat Reader and also provides some page linkages that were
      not previously included.

      If you cannot access the file area or the file will not download,
      your Yahoo ID may not be properly linked with your group
      subscription. You can check that here: http://groups.yahoo.com/memwiz

      The zip should be unzipped into a directory (e.g., your Notetab
      program directory) using Winzip Extract's "Use folder names" option.
      Afterwards, you will have NotetabIndexed.PDF, NotetabPDXIndex.PDX
      file plus a new subdirectory named NotetabPDXIndex which contains
      components of the Acrobat search catalog.

      To use an Acrobat search catalog with Acrobat Reader requires a
      Reader version that includes the "Search" plug-in. You can see if
      yours has it by looking under Help|About|Adobe Acrobat Plug-ins.
      If "Search" is one of the listed plug-ins you are all set. Otherwise
      you can download Version 5.1 with plug-ins here:


      Warning: the download is approximately 13 MB. It does not appear to
      be possible to simply add the plug-in to an existing installation.

      Once the Reader is installed, and this zip is properly extracted (as
      described above), load the PDF file NotetabIndexed.pdf into Acrobat
      Reader. Select Edit|Search|Select Indexes and (if not already in
      place) put a check mark to select NotetabIndexed index. (If its not
      showing as a choice, select "Add" and browse to the PDX file first).

      Now you can use Edit|Search|Query to search for a word or phrase. You
      can skip to next occurrence using Ctrl+] or previous occurrence using

      You can also search for compound expressions, such as

      add and calculate

      Then getting next will get either of the words. Various options will
      cause a variety of other words to be found as well,
      e.g., "adding", "adds", etc. (words stemming), "at", "auto", etc.
      (sounds like), "total", etc. (thesaurus). The Word Assistant shows
      which words "stem", "sound like" or "thesaurus" match any particular
      criteria. Using the "Proximity" option will find the two words only
      where they are close together.

      The wildcard characters "?" and "*" can be used in search criteria,
      to represent one character, or zero or more characters.

      Although the boolean operators "OR" and "NOT" are also supported by
      Acrobat catalog indexes, they are not particularly useful with single
      document index. The search units are documents.

      In addition to the Acrobat catalog, the PDF file includes a normal
      document index. The document index and Acrobat catalog are unrelated
      features. In the new version of the PDF, I have linked the Index page
      numbers to the referenced pages. Clicking these links will take you
      to their destinations. For convenience, a bookmark to the Index may
      be found in the Bookmarks panel (F5 opens this panel). Also, the
      document uses logical page numbering, so using Acrobat Reader's Goto
      page features can take you to the page numbers printed on the pages
      rather than the physical page number.

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