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Re: [NTB] Fixed Width Fonts

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  • Steve LaMantia
    ... Hear hear! I too cast my vote for FixedSys. I ll stop short of saying it looks cool , but in my opinion it s clean-looking (because it s sans-serif),
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 12, 2002
      Dr. Paul Harder wrote:

      > I like to use FixedSys. In my own not so humble opinion,
      > it looks cool.

      Hear hear! I too cast my vote for FixedSys. I'll stop short of
      saying "it looks cool", but in my opinion it's clean-looking
      (because it's sans-serif), its "pen width" is heavy enough to
      see the letters clearly but not so heavy that the letters look
      smudged, and its height-to-width ratio is just right (so it's not
      visually squished vertically or horizontally). I find FixedSys
      to be fully workmanlike.

      As for fixed vs. proportional, if I really need the more elegant
      design elements offered by a proportional font, I'll copy and
      paste from NoteTab into MS Word, or just type it up from scratch
      in Word.

      I've always thought of NoteTab as a "text editor", and not so
      much a "word processor" (although that distinction can be seen
      to be blurred somewhat), and certainly not a page layout program.
      As a text editor, it's excellent. Better than excellent, even ...

      ... although it *would* be made quite better with Back and
      Forward history buttons *AND* the associated standard keystrokes
      for file navigation, so we could finally stop playing Where's Waldo
      with those insane musical-chair file tabs. Hah! Couldn't resist
      throwing that in! My #1 NoteTab pet peeve. Hah! Fix it, Eric! :-)

      -- Steve LaMantia
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