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RE: [NTB] Traditional Help

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  • Christine
    Jody, I didn t see that message! I am (now) certain I m only working with one NT copy. The Beta that installed separately I think messed me up. After I
    Message 1 of 17 , Jul 26, 2002
      I didn't see that message!
      I am (now) certain I'm only working with one NT copy. The Beta that
      installed separately I think messed me up. After I uninstalled that and
      installed 4.9 is when all this hoo-ha started.

      I'm going one better than your instructions, thorough as they are. :)
      I'm building myself a whole new computer with a virgin hard drive. I'm
      installing all my favorite programs brand new, then moving my data over. My
      old HDD will become a back-up drive, where I can keep it until I find I've
      moved everything I need, then I'll wipe it clean and only do back-ups to it.

      I appreciate the follow up. The whole thing's kind of weird, isn't it?

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      Hi Christine,

      I hope you don't mind me jumping back in. ;) (Eric is a bit tied up...)

      I do not believe I saw a reply when I asked you if you were
      certain that you are certain that you are not "playing" with more
      than one copy of 'Tab not realizing it. It could be that you are
      starting NoteTab from a shortcut, but looking in the folders of a
      different copy somewhere. I would first do a search on all your
      drives for NoteTab. That will give you every location of an
      installation (or partial maybe) that you have. You can then
      determine what is what with shortcuts and installations.

      If everything is straight there, then I'd close NoteTab, search
      for NoteTab.exe and then click on the Remove.exe in every place
      you find it. Do the same for NotePro.exe. Move all your
      Libraries and Files to one location that were in any of the
      installations found.

      After that is all done I'd search the registry for any NoteTab
      entries and Remove any you see using judgment and when not sure -
      leave it. The entries you see for last opened programs, etc.
      just leave.

      Reboot Windows after that, then do a clean install. If that does
      not fix it, perhaps you wouldn't mind posting on the off topic
      list so the Basic list can go about its business. ;) Please see
      my signature line to subscribe to it. TIA Good luck!

      >I realize this isn't how it's supposed to work, so I'll keep
      >trying things if you like. The important thing to me is I'm
      >trying to teach myself clip programming and wasn't getting far
      >without the help! So now that I have it, I can work with it.
      >But let me know what you'd like me to do to figure this out for

      Happy Topics,
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