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Re: [NTB] Newbie Questions

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  • Barb Wagner
    Thanks Ben for your help!! I have put it in C Drive. I try to see if I can work it now. LOL!! :) Barb ~ ... From: Ben Barnet To:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 6, 2002
      Thanks Ben for your help!! I have put it in C Drive. I try to see if I can
      work it now. LOL!! :) Barb ~

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      > Barb Wagner wrote:
      > > Hi I have just downloaded the notetab light program. I do not know where
      > > am suppose to make my folder for it. Do I unzip it to my regular C drive
      > > do I unzip it to the program file??
      > "Just extract the Setup.exe file from the .zip package and execute it."
      > You can extract this file to any location you wish and delete it when
      > the install is finished. The setup program will suggest a location to
      > install the NoteTab program (usually "C:\Program Files\NoteTab Light")
      > which you can accept or change as you like.
      > If you are using WinZip to open the .zip file there should be an option
      > to Install under the Actions menu, this is convenient as it will delete
      > the temporary files for you when it is finished.
      > > I am wanting to use it to edit my html scripts. Could someone please
      > > tell me how I am suppose to set it up ? Is there a tut I can use to
      > > show me how to use it for the html scripts??
      > There are plenty of resources available, including some helpful
      > documents included with the program. Once you are comfortable with the
      > basics of NoteTab you might want to subscribe to the HTML List for
      > specific help on using NoteTab to create and edit HTML documents.
      > HTH
      > Ben
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