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Yikes, Cruel Moderator! (was Re: Can't get NoteTab Directions)

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  • Jody
    Hi Charles and Others, Book 1... Just kidding about the subject. ;) Just a couple thoughts and I ll let you all be. First, I am pretty easy to get along
    Message 1 of 19 , Dec 6, 2001
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      Hi Charles and Others, Book 1...

      Just kidding about the subject. ;) Just a couple thoughts and
      I'll let you all be. First, I am pretty easy to get along with
      as long as you do it my way. haha I'd like to say to Bryllars
      that I am a bit sorry for coming on too strong when all in all
      he/she has been helpful and mannered well on the lists and in
      private eMail. We all have our days. ;->

      If you do not have time to read this and fairly new to the
      list(s), please read your Welcome Letter and/or skip down to the
      line starting with ***.

      The main reason that I run a number of topics to other lists is
      so NoteTab newbies and the users that only use the very basic
      features have a list they can post on without getting flooded
      with eMail that flies wright over their head without passing go.
      There are all kinds of people on the Basic list including those
      at work (?) getting paid while they participate, even if only
      reading on the Basic list. (I like to weed them back into the
      work force eventually though with a good working basic knowledge
      of 'Tab. :-)

      We use to have everything on one list and had an extremely high
      subscribe/unsubscribe rate. The single list stayed around 225
      members for maybe two years. After starting the Advanced list
      (now Clips) the count doubled to 500 or so, perhaps in a few
      months. Over 2-3 years it has grown to just shy of 1000 members.
      I am not really into numbers, but rather quality. If the big
      numbers follow, so be it.

      What happens a lot of time is what you all just witnessed and
      that is a number of people posting some tech-talk stuff having
      nothing to do with NoteTab. Once some of the Basic stuff is
      posted by a member, then it should be mentioned by the member
      (hopefully;) that any more discussion should be brought to the
      such and such list. Believe me, it is best way to go. The way I
      figure it and have learned from many lists in about six years is
      to try to please the majority of users and secondly, the least
      moderation posts by me. Once a fire gets started on the lists it
      is hard to put it out,so I have learned to not waist much time in
      jumping in. This also helps newbies to see how and where to

      *** Topics that should be diverted to the other lists away from the
      Basic list [NTB] are:

      Posting Clips and discussion of Clips. A big no, no! Super
      big wet noodle across the eyeball for that one.
      Discussion about Regular Expressions (RegExp), Gawk, Perl, VB,
      CGI, HTML, XML, etc. (See Help | NoteTab's Glossary;)
      Problems with NoteTab when it is known or at least looks like it
      is not a NoteTab problem such as: Windows bugs, conflicts,
      hardware, and/or isolated to a computer or perhaps a few.
      We use the Off-Topic or the Next-Release lists for those.
      See, troubleshooting a bug is not the discussion of the *basic*
      use of NoteTab, especially if it is an isolated problem. You
      say Clip and they say right there in the first drawer of my
      desk. You say delimiter and they all put unsubscribe in the
      Subject line. ;)

      Some examples of the Basic use of NoteTab would be questions and
      answers like the following. Note that some of the questions
      could really go to a different list than the Basic. There is no
      problem to answer a quick question like, "How do I make my
      Outlines show up in my browser?" I surely do not have a problem
      with telling somebody on the Basic list to click on Modify |
      Document to HTML | No Character version, but would let the list
      members know to discuss it further to sign up for the NoteTab &
      HTML list giving the link and also provide some links to some
      easy references, tutorials, etc.

      What are Libraries and Clips?
      How do I make an Outline?
      How do I keep the files from opening every time I start NoteTab?
      Why do I only have a few fonts listed in the Trial version?
      Are upgrades for free?
      How do I clean up eMail messages?
      How do I save a file?
      How do I move a file?
      How do I save a file that has been saved but in a different location?
      How can I make my Outline file into an HTML file?
      How can I distribute my Outline files?
      Can I make the text different colors like in MS Word?
      How do I make a new document?
      What is an easy way to get started with HTML?

      There are short descriptions of the lists at the following link:
      http://www.notetab.net/html/maillists.htm Here they are:

      The NoteTab Basic List
      The NoteTab Clips List
      The NoteTab ClipsClass List
      The NoteTab HTML List
      The NoteTab Next Release List
      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
      The Album Express List
      The Mailbag Assistant List
      The Fookes Software Next Release List

      If you want to be on our notification list for Fookes Software
      updates, discount specials, and new products sign up for it at
      http://www.fookes.com in the lower left border area. You can
      unsubscribe an old address if you were already on our list.

      You can also sign up for a few of the lists mentioned above at:

      > > I'd rather us all move this over to the OffTopic list or
      > > private eMail since it is a very isolated problem.
      > Usually, I feel you're being a little stiff with directing
      > people to other lists. But this time, well, this topic has
      > gotten way out of hand :P 14msgs on this group in just like
      > 2hrs - this is a phenomenal amount, considering I check my mail
      > maybe 2ce a day ;) Yikes.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page

      The NoteTab Basic Discussion List
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