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MS Word -> Front Page 2000 -> NoteTab?

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  • Brian Mailman
    This might not be the right list to ask this, but I thought I d try this first... There s a team of us working on our mailing list s web page recipe archive.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2001
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      This might not be the right list to ask this, but I thought I'd try this

      There's a "team" of us working on our mailing list's web page recipe

      Most of us are using Notetab 4.86 to format the recipes, save them with
      *.html extension and then import them into Front Page 2000 for final

      One of us used MS Word, then saved as either *.html or *.txt. The files
      looked OK, so I didn't particularly pay attention.

      I began having complaints about the search engine on the site not
      working properly. And it isn't... the fellow who is functioning as
      guru/designer tells me it's because Word put in its own codes for <br>
      and <p> which are invisible in Front Page, but the search engine won't
      pick up the string because they aren't whole words any more.

      That's the background. I'm wondering if I import the files into
      NoteTab, make some edits (all the files on the site need editing) and
      save the file again whether or not these invisible codes will be
      stripped out, since it's my understanding NoteTab is an ASCII editor and
      therefore won't deal with a word processor's formatting.

      Is this true?

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