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Re: [NTB] Help file not corrupted - sorted

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  • Stephen Riddle
    Hi Adrian, ... a back up (that would work in the event of a crash) so i took my life in my hands! You re pretty brave! I m glad everything worked. Uh, Next
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 18, 2001
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      Hi Adrian,
      >Well done that man who told me to go through via regedit and remove everything to do with
      >NoteTab. After uninstalling it (kept my libraries and ini to one side) I did this, every last mention.
      >,I don't know how to make
      a back up (that would work in the event of a crash) so i took my life in my hands!

      You're pretty brave!

      I'm glad everything worked.

      Uh, Next time your in the Registry Editor (regedit), under the Registry menu, select Export Registry
      File. A dialog will pop up asking where and under what name to save your registry.
      I tend to save the whole shebang at the beginning of every month, as I've still got lots of room on my
      drive, but you can save just part of it (by selecting "Selected branch", and then I don't really know what
      If you make a horrible mistake, and need to restore it, you may either open the registry editor and use
      the Import Registry File dialog, or double click on the registry back up and let Windows make the decision
      for you.
      There is even a way to restore it under dos, I think, but I don't know what it is. When I screw up that
      badly, I usually just go ahead and scrub my hard drive.
      Good Luck,
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