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Flash, Audio, Active X-Controls, Java, & Microsoft

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  • Jody
    Hi Scott & Stefan & Others, If you guys would like to get a class action law suit going against MS, I d be happy to help. I could care less about money other
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2001
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      Hi Scott & Stefan & Others,

      If you guys would like to get a class action law suit going
      against MS, I'd be happy to help. I could care less about money
      other than to cover our costs: lawyer fees, court costs, and the
      time spend to gather information (which MS would be paying). I
      want them to act like civilized businessmen that play the game
      fair (if there is such a thing). <g> Things like this, not
      allowing applications to "steal" the focus bringing them to the
      front, forced install of their browser, etc. are unethical
      practices to say the least. I think it was the Who, and old
      British rock group, that said, "We ain't gonna take it, never did
      and never will" would be a good motto. ;) Tommy can you hear me?

      For discussion on this, please reply to the Off-Topic List:

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      Stefan wrote:

      >> MS no longer supports the standard for Netscape plug-ins
      >> (Flash, Audio) and requires Active X-Controls. Don't ask me
      >> what this means, I just read it a couple days ago :-).
      >> Yet I don't quite understand what this has to do with the
      >> intermediate page anyway ... it doesn't contain any multimedia
      >> elements, does it? And if Yes, MSIE shouldn't freeze at all, it
      >> just pops up its error message.
      >> HTML-group, how do we overcome these new problems with IE? It
      >> seems that it no longer supports <OBJECT-embedded multimedia
      >> content ... (Not that I'm a great fan of background music for
      >> webpages myself :-)) )

      Scott Wrote:

      >The sad thing is that Microsoft, in their quest to rule the world
      >even more -- specifically, to make the Internet Microsoft only,
      >and to get paid quite literally for every microtransaction on the
      >Web -- really don't give a hoot about users. To make literally
      >millions of Web pages unavailable is simply a bullyish, arrogant
      >thing to do, and a real inconvenience to users. You can
      >theoretically download and enable your own Java implementation,
      >but that's not something my mom is going to do. Microsoft's claim
      >that Java is a security risk -- but somehow ActiveX isn't -- is
      >just bunk. And their claim that they removed Java as a result of
      >the legal wrangling with Sun is also bogus. Sun wants Java in IE;
      >they just want Microsoft to keep it compatible, open, and without
      >Windows-only hooks. Unfortunately for all of us, Microsoft's tack
      >is that if they can't own it, they'll do their best to kill it.
      >Sorry. Their dropping of Java and Netscape-style plugins is just
      >such a maddening, usurious, nasty tactic that it really ticks me
      >Please pardon my rant. And please use something other than IE.
      >Let your voice be heard.

      Happy Topics,

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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