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Re: [NTB] Note Tab Pro: Hyperlinks highlighting etc

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  • Jody
    Hi Jan, John, and Others, ... In this post the path/link to pict.jpg. is incorrect; you left out the back slash. Is is now: c: My Documents pict.jpg and the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 6 9:47 AM
      Hi Jan, John, and Others,

      >John> [...] c: My Documents\pict.jpg will not work correctly when
      >John> double clicking [...]
      > How about CTRL-CLK?

      In this post the path/link to pict.jpg. is incorrect; you left
      out the back slash. Is is now: "c: My Documents\pict.jpg" and
      the shortcut be "c:\My Documents\pict.jpg"

      If you only put the path to a file, then the file [c:\My
      Documents\pict.jpg] will open by the program it is associated
      with. ["Path to program to open with" "Path to image"]


      ["D:\Image Editors\IView\I_View32.exe" "c:\My Documents\pict.jpg"]

      If you want to use another application to open the file in
      requires that link/file.

      From ReadMe.otl:

      "Text in an Outline that has [brackets] is highlighted whether it
      is a hyperlink to a target file, an Outline heading, and a few
      other links or jumps if you will. For detailed information read
      the sections in NoteTab's ReadMe.otl file called Introduction
      and Hyperlink. Hyperlinks must be placed between square brackets
      "[]". You can jump to a hyperlink topic by holding down the Ctrl
      key while you double-click on the text between the brackets. Or,
      if you prefer, place the cursor anywhere between the brackets and
      press Ctrl+H to go to the matching topic. Note that if you set
      the "Quick Open Links" option under the Tools menu, you do not
      have to hold down the Ctrl key when you activate a hyperlink with
      the mouse."

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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