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Re: [NTB] Can Reopen list be turned off? (Paste-board w/Command Switches)

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  • Alec Burgess
    ... with use as pasteboard already set. ... you startup the next time. I decided to beat this to death with a stick: (a) copied the pasteboards s .ini
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2001
      >Me:My problem is I haven't found an option to make "thePasteboard" startup
      with "use as pasteboard" already set.
      >Jody:If you leave it set when you close the program, it will be active when
      you startup the next time.

      I decided to beat this to death with a stick:
      (a) copied the "pasteboards"'s .ini file and replaced my "main" .ini file
      (i.e. ...\Notetab Pro\NotePro.ini) with it.

      Here are target and Start-in: (from Properties) for both
      (note: both have Multiple Instances=0=No) :
      Main Editor:
      Target:"C:\Program Files\NoteTabs\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.exe"
      Start in:"C:\Program Files\NoteTabs\NoteTab Pro"

      so-called Pasteboard editor:
      Target:"C:\Program Files\NoteTabs\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.exe" /NS "C:\My
      Documents\ntbPasteBoards\thePasteBoard" /J=-1 /INI=ntbPaste
      Start in: (as above)

      (b) I did exactly the same thing with both shortcuts: (first one at a time
      and then with both open simultaneously) - Opened them, turned on the
      pasteboard (with tool-button), closed and then
      (b-i) re-opened them.

      (c) The one using the "main" NotePro.ini reopens in (b-i) with the
      PasteBoard "set" (ie. in-use), the one using /INI=ntbPaste reopens in (b-i)
      with PasteBoard NOT "set"

      (d) I redid my SendTo test - When I send one file or a group of files to
      the "pasteboard-icon-editor" it/they do NOT go to it, instead it/they go to
      the "main" editor (the one with no Target: command line) (Makes no
      difference if one or both is already "UP" - I swear it's not processing the
      Target=command-line - I checked that the shortcut in SendTo folder has the
      same Command-line as the one that I normally invoke from QuickLaunch.

      (e) When I close the "pasteboard"-editor [exit tool button] and then reopen
      it, it has ONLY one file - the one from the "command-line" - I guess this is
      what Alan originally wanted, but per your comments (Jody) I guess its a BUG
      not a FEATURE ;==) (Note: the File-Reopen-List IS updated if I close a file,
      then in a separate step close the editor. BUT if I open a new file, save-it,
      then [exit] either using the toolbar or from the [X] at upper right, the new
      file is NOT opened the next time I open the editor (nor does it appear in
      the File-Reopen-List).

      (f) to make sure this behavior wasn't because of resource limitations and/or
      peculiarities induced by restarting, I removed BOTH Notetabs from Startup
      and reproduced the behavior in (c), (d) and (e) above.

      (g) This may be related - when I have both editor-instances open
      simultaneously (the "main" one and the target="command-line" one, I am
      frequently getting this error msgBox when I close one or the other :
      >>Exception EInvalidOperation in module NOTEPRO.EXE at 00041BED.
      Control '' has no parent window.<<
      Note: I haven't been able to make this 100% reproducible but it definitely
      involves having two instances in use at the same time.

      As you and Stephan Riddle (in an off-list message) hinted - It's about time
      I learned some clip-stuff ;= but I wanted to run this by you to make sure
      I'm not imagining things.
      The behavior in (d) I consider a "BUG", the behavior in (c) is really just
      an annoyance, and as I indicated, the behavior in (e) may be a FEATURE as
      far as Alan is concerned - if he can reproduce the behavior I'm seeing ;=)

      I've saved copies of the .INI's in the unlikely event that you want to see
      them. As I said I think I've made sure that differences in them are not the
      cause of what I'm seeing.

      (I hope this description isn't so convoluted you can't figure out what I'm
      driving at)
      Regards ... Alec

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