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List "Rules" (was Printing with NoteTab)

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  • Jody
    Hi All, This post is not directed at anybody, so don t take it that way. I have been meaning to post it for awhile. It is a general post for everybody to read
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2001
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      Hi All,

      This post is not directed at anybody, so don't take it that way.
      I have been meaning to post it for awhile. It is a general post
      for everybody to read in my wishes that everyone that posts will
      follow what it says. I am as guilty as the next guy at times,

      Thanks for your input fellows but... what is going on in this
      thread is exactly why the welcome letter states that the Basic
      list and others are for discussion of NoteTab only. The lists
      are not to get into wars about "my program is better than
      program" (especially when the author "stole" Eric's intuitive

      Do remember, I do not mind a few lines to point somebody in the
      right direction to solve their need with a link to other
      software, but please stop it there; don't discuss other products.
      If you have the need to discuss other software, then by all
      means, please sign up for the NoteTab Off-Topic (OT) list.

      We discuss competitors and other software on our OT list, plus
      some excellent help on all kinds of things that are related to
      computer issues and even the weather at times. ;) The OT list,
      is a source of some really great computer issues. There are some
      on that list who were working with PCs long before some of you
      were in diapers. ;)

      So, the bottom line here is, please try to obey the "rules" and
      keep off-topic posts going to that list. If you feel you have
      the need to post something like another product not related to
      NoteTab (unless a Clip or Library is involved), then Cc: the
      sender and post the message to the OT list. Or, Cc: the person
      and reply to the appropriate list like Clips or HTML... and
      needless to say, Clips go to the Clips or HTML list, depending on
      the Clip.

      All programs will not be the exact program that will fit
      everybody's needs. NoteTab is still fairly young compared to
      some of our competitors. I truly believe that edge we have over
      them now will increase greatly and blow them all away in version
      5. (Eric has some great features on the way, some I have
      mentioned and others we choose to remain silent about at this

      Sure, NoteTab does not have "everything" at this time, nor will
      it ever, but it still out performs with a in options, in
      features, and in scripting over the competitors.

      However, if NoteTab does not do what you need, then by all means,
      register a product that does. I and hesitantly say Eric, do
      indeed want you to be happy with whatever editor you use. Of
      course, we would prefer that to be NoteTab, but if it does not
      fit your needs, please, find another program that does.

      NoteTab will be using a much better print module that it has now
      in version 5, so, a lot of this talk will be irrelevant hopefully
      within the year or a we bit into next year.

      >TxtPrint suits me too though I found I wanted to change the
      >I don't print a lot of program code I didn't want all those bent
      >arrows all over the place and I wanted different headers and
      >footers, but once I'd discovered the "Save Settings" option on
      >the Edit menu, it became the ideal tool.
      >As for Adrian's point about only printing in fixed width fonts,
      >he's not investigated the program properly! If he clicks on the
      >FONT tab at the bottom of the TxtPrint window and clears the
      >"Show fixed width fonts in Font selection dialog" he'll be able
      >to use what he wants!

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page

      The NoteTab Basic Discussion List
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