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Re: [NTB] NoteTab Light vs Pro install both??

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  • Jody
    Hi jj, ... Ideally, I think there are better Notepad replacements for speed than NoteTab (I ll send you the link to a really neat one or put it on my NoteTab
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2001
      Hi jj,

      >Assuming that I am interested in NoteTab Pro enough to
      >register/pay for it to get the extra features not contained in
      >NoteTab Light, does it make any sense at all to have both on my
      >system... I.E. for many tasks, that I now use MS NotePAD, and I'm
      >looking for quick load time, nothing much more, is there a
      >discrenable difference in load time between the Pro and Light

      Ideally, I think there are better Notepad replacements for speed
      than NoteTab (I'll send you the link to a really neat one or put
      it on my NoteTab Enhancements page. But, if you want power and a
      lot of features then you want NoteTab. I and many others have it
      open on startup and it does not close unless rebooting or
      shutting down, so the speed in opening is trivial.

      >I doubt that resource consumption would be much of an issue with
      >the amount of RAM I have, but load time might be something for me
      >to consider.

      NoteTab Pro is much better for working with large files and doing
      S&R with them. A lot of RAM does not necessarily mean plenty of

      >Secondly, does NoteTab Light offer the feature where URLs are
      >automatically colored blue, underlined, and can be launched in
      >the browser?

      No, and neither highlight eMail addresses.

      As Don mentioned, see the comparison chart. Some people have to
      have a feature or two that Std/Light has that Pro does not so
      they loose out in order to have them IMHO. But, perhaps they do
      not need what Pro offers, so Std fits the bill for them. When v5
      comes out we want have the font, paragraph size, tabular
      settings, and drag/drop to second window issue anymore because
      the input control will be the same for both products.

      Main advantages of NoteTab Pro over NoteTab Std:

      Very fast "Replace All" command
      URL and HTML-tag highlighting
      Multiple-level undo/redo
      Option to show nonprinting characters
      Wrap to column in real time
      Line-number ruler
      Choice between real/fixed/smart tabs

      Main advantages of NoteTab Std over NoteTab Pro:

      Works better with Asian languages
      Can use variable width fonts in document window
      Multiple tabulator settings (Distance between tab stops)
      16 MB paragraph size

      Comparison Chart

      NoteTab Pro NoteTab Std NoteTab Light
      General speed Very fast Average Average
      "Replace All" speed Very fast Average to slow Average to slow
      Show nonprinting characters Yes No No
      Multiple-level undo/redo Yes No No
      Bookmarks Yes No No
      URL and HTML highlighting Yes No No
      Use OEM fonts Yes No No
      Use variable-width fonts No Yes Yes
      Spell checker + thesaurus Yes Yes No
      Drag-and-drop editing Yes Yes Yes
      Disk Search & Replace Yes Yes Replace only during trial mode
      Supports Perl & Gawk Yes Yes Only during trial mode
      Programmable Yes Yes Partially
      Read & write EBCDIC Yes Yes Read (Write in trial mode)
      Read & write outline files Yes Yes Read (Write in trial mode)
      Multiple tabulator settings No Yes Yes
      Can wrap text to column Yes Not in real time Not in real time
      Show line numbers Yes No No
      Maximum file size 2 GB 2 GB 2GB
      Maximum paragraph size 32 KB 16 MB 16 MB
      Cost (in USD) $19.95 $9.95 Free

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page

      The NoteTab Basic Discussion List
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