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Re: [NTB] Re: Dunce

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  • Jody
    Hi ylharris, To discuss Clips please sign up for the Clips list. See my sigline for that. ... Try NoteTab sometime. It s a great program! ;- Please
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 25, 2001
      Hi ylharris,

      To discuss Clips please sign up for the Clips list. See my sigline
      for that.

      >Well, here's someone else who can't use NotePad:

      Try NoteTab sometime. It's a great program! ;->

      Please reference Help | NoteTab's Glossary for some of the terms
      used below if you do not know what they are.

      >Adrian, you gave us a simple Clip macro(?) to compress text, etc.

      We normally refer to the items in Libraries as Clips. The term
      "macros" is normally used when the keyboard command is used. The
      Clipbook Library is docked at the left side of NoteTab by
      default. You can open it by pressing F4 or clicking on one of
      the buttons at the bottom of the screen on what is called the
      Libraries bar. It can be toggled in and out of view from the
      View menu.

      >A. Where do we go to write these things?

      You can write them anywhere, but normally the Clip Editor is
      used. You can open it by right clicking in any Library and
      choose "New" or "Edit Clip". The editor will open and its tab
      says [Clip].

      >B. Once they're written, where do we put them?

      In any Library you wish.

      >For starters, I would like to be able to get a listing of my
      >files in a directory by pressing F6. I have a Substitute drive I
      >call N:\ just for notetab. It has probably a dozen directories.
      >I'd like to be able to call up any of those directories on
      >command and have it list all the files--bang!--like that.

      You need a Clip to do that or just download my DirStuff and use
      the one I already have which has an option to do sub-folders and
      also lists the file sizes, total amount of files and total amount
      of file sizes. The name of the Clip is "FileCount/List/Size
      4.83..." and is towards the bottom of the Library.

      This is a sample of a portion of my Libraries folder. I asked
      for only *.clb files, no sub-folders, sorted by type, no reverse
      sort order, and all attributes:

      Total files: 114
      Total size: 2.97MB

      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\_Rundll.clb 6.33KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\AddMan.clb 8.65KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\AddUrl.clb 0.58KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\AlArnold.clb 2.45KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\Alex.clb 6.72KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\Append.clb 4.83KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\ar.clb 0.64KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\Aries.clb 38.36KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\AutoAccent.clb 7.99KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\AutoCorrect.clb 25.41KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\Auto-Save.clb 1.32KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\Back.clb 162.45KB
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\Bill2.clb 7.40KB

      <big snip>

      2/25/01 10:41:49 AM
      Start time: 41:47
      Collection done: 41:48
      Start spaces: 41:48
      End time: 41:49


      There are a number of other Clips for getting file lists in the
      Library; I just used different methods and different outputs.
      Gee, there are a number of Clips that work with directories as
      far as that goes. ;) I just added one that is a trimmed one from
      the above that only lists the files, (File List 4.83...). I
      added a Clip right below it to open the file where the cursor is,
      (Open File at Cursor). (You can use F7, but need to select the
      path if it has spaces in it.)

      >If I can do that, I can jump back and forth from my email program
      >with a selected item from as message and put it in the right

      I guess you understand what you want to do. ;)

      >Thank you for leading us down the path. I need someone to hold
      >my hand every step, I'm afraid. I guess it goes back to the
      >landscaper giving instructions on putting in sod: The first
      >thing he should tell me is "Green side up."

      Methinks he should know what sod is and where to get it first. <bg>

      Happy Clip'n!


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