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RE: [NTB] why not use tidy? and where do I find the reported mist akes?

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  • tammy_pickett@dell.com
    please keep me off the egroup list. I keep getting unrelated messages!!!!! ... From: Jody [mailto:av1611@earthlink.net] Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2001 3:45
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2001
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      please keep me off the egroup list. I keep getting unrelated messages!!!!!

      -----Original Message-----
      From: Jody [mailto:av1611@...]
      Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2001 3:45 AM
      To: NoteTab & HTML; NoteTab Basic
      Cc: Mette
      Subject: Re: [NTB] why not use tidy? and where do I find the reported

      Hi All,

      >I hope this topic is on the list.

      All HTML related questions should really go to the HTML list
      since the Basic list is for the Basic use of NoteTab. Please,
      ya'll, don't be afraid to post because you feel like you are
      walking on egg shells as far as what list to post on, but just
      think for a second before posting and just post to whatever list
      you think would be best. When in doubt, post anywhere but the
      Basic list. :)

      Since Tidy is used for HTML, then that is the list you should
      post on. The only reason I bring it up often and try to redirect
      the posts is so it stays fresh in people's minds and so newcomers
      know about it. There are now right at 800 members on the Basic
      list and my guess is the majority of them do not do HTML so they
      would be getting a lot of mail that is useless to them. The same
      thing goes for Clips.

      The Basic list is meant for the Basic use of NoteTab, the HTML
      list for HTML, the Clips List for Clip related stuff, and the
      Off-Topic list for... One of the reasons for the different lists
      is so people can sign up for just the ones they use NoteTab for
      and also where to get the best help from. New users of NoteTab
      need the Basic list kept basic and do not need all the extra mail
      about Clips and HTML.

      You don't go to an eye doctor because your foot hurts. Likewise,
      you wouldn't ask what does the function ^$GetPath(...)$ do on the
      Basic list. Difficult topics should also go to the Clips, HTML,
      or Off-topic lists list Regular Expressions, PERL, and the like.
      If there is any doubt in your mind about where to post, just post
      on the Clips or HTML list, or even the Off-topic list. but, if
      it is an Off-topic question then use the Off-Topic list (which is
      a very resourceful list BTW). What I am trying to say is leave
      the Basic list solely for the basic use of NoteTab. when
      posting, also think of where the post might lead to. For
      instance, the question about the line numbers and Tidy seems like
      it would be a basic type question, but it is an HTML issue and
      can lead off into a major thread about HTML so I try to redirect
      those posts right away. I am not trying to jump on somebody for
      posting to the wrong list, but just trying to prevent a lot of
      posts not related to the list from starting up.

      We see a lot of questions like "Can NoteTab do this or do I have
      to have Clip for it?" Knowing that a clip might be needed
      hopefully will tell you to just post to the clips list to begin
      with. What I try to do as stated above is just keep the Basic
      list for mainly newbies and for people that use NoteTab basically
      for a text editor and do not write Clips or do HTML.

      I will need to rework all the welcome letters again because of
      the address change from @egroups.com to @yahoogroups.com even
      though there will probably be backwards compatibility for a long
      time (I think @... is still good for those of you who
      remember;). I will try to make things clearer in the site
      description and welcome letter even though most people don't
      read them anyway. <g>

      Please remember to delete the parts of the posts not needed to
      understand your post and I thank all the contributors once again
      and for keeping the lists informative, fun, and friendly.

      OH, I spoke with Larry Thomas the other day and he said to say hi
      to you all, thanks the ones that called and sent cards and he
      hopes to be home in a couple more weeks.

      The new subscribe and unsubscribe links follow.

      To Subscribe to or UnSubscribe from any of the following
      Mailing Lists send an empty post to the appropriate list(s)
      using the eMail address to the right of the list name:

      To Subscribe to or UnSubscribe from any of the following
      Mailing Lists send an empty post to the appropriate list(s)
      using the eMail address to the right of the list name:

      The NoteTab Basic List................. NoteTab-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab Clips List................. ntb-Clips-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab ClipsClass List............
      The NoteTab HTML List.................. ntb-HTML-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab Next Release List..........
      The NoteTab Off-Topic List.............
      The NoteTab Announcements List.........
      The Album Express List.................
      The Mailbag Assistant List............. MailBag-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The Fookes Software Next Release List..

      The NoteTab Basic List................. NoteTab-UnSubscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab Clips List.................
      The NoteTab ClipsClass List............
      The NoteTab HTML List.................. ntb-HTML-UnSubscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab Next Release List..........
      The NoteTab Off-Topic List.............
      The NoteTab Announcements List.........
      The Album Express List.................
      The Mailbag Assistant List............. MailBag-UnSubscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The Fookes Software Next Release List..

      Happy Tab'n, Clip'n, Edit'n, Test'n, &...
      Jody Adair
      Prov. 3:5-7; 4:23
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