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Re: using notetab as my text editor from programs

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  • Robert Newsome
    ... ago ... had ... View ... fact I ... the ... purposes ... this ... Eric ... this ... the ... -- ... -- Nope, I have NoteTab Pro 4.83 running both at home
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 25, 2001
      --- In notetab@egroups.com, "Dr. Paul Harder" <pharder@s...> wrote:
      > On Wed, 24 Jan 2001 22:02:32 -0000, Bob Newsome wrote:
      > > This very same behavior came to my attention a couple of weeks
      > > and repeated itself today. When it first happened I verified I
      > > the Allow Multiple Instances option unchecked. Have done the same
      > > today but I still get a new instance of NoteTab when I click the
      > > File button in WS_FTP LE. It may have something to do with the
      fact I
      > > am running NT.
      > Bob:
      > Are you running two separate NoteTab products at the same time? At
      > office, I use both NoteTab Pro and NoteTab Std, for separate
      > (NTP for UNIX files and NTS for Windows files). I haven't checked
      > in recent versions, but at one time there was a minor buglet that
      > professed to be unable to fix -- and I have no reason to think that
      > is fixed: If you've got two separate NoteTab products running at
      > same time, it doesn't matter whether you enable or disable multiple
      > instances. You get the same behavior as if it were enabled.
      > PH
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------
      > Dr. Paul Harder Houston, Texas, USA pharder@s...
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------

      Nope, I have NoteTab Pro 4.83 running both at home and at the office
      (I am proud to say I talked my client into purchasing it). At home I
      am running Win98 and NT at the office. I have encountered this
      behavior (note I did not say problem) only at the office but only
      because I haven't tried to duplicate the situation at home.
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