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9925Re: [NTB] What is NoteTab for?

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  • Clueless in Seattle
    Dec 31, 2000
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      Carl Swann wrote:

      > My off-list offer to you, Sleepless, to learn how to use outlines
      > still stands. I think most everyone on the list is willing to help...
      > just come up with some situations that make you say "Now I wonder if
      > NoteTab could help me with that problem?" (besides bold, underline and
      > italic).

      Well, right now, the only situation I can think of that makes me say:
      "Now I wonder if
      NoteTab could help me with that problem?" is how to denote italicized
      and/or underlined text. It's hard for me to imagine how anyone can
      write much of anything without the ability to mark italicized text.
      According to http://webster.commnet.edu/grammar/italics.htm , Italics
      are used for:

      Journals and Magazines
      Long Musical Pieces
      Famous Speeches
      Long Poems

      Names of Ships, Trains, Aircraft
      Orient Express
      U.S.S. Eisenhower

      Foreign Words or Phrases
      For Emphasis
      Words as Reproduced Sounds

      Now how can you write much of anything without bumping into the need to

      I'd like to be able to insert a character to note the beginning and end
      of italicization. The one I'd like to use is a control character,
      Ctrl-Y, (but I don't dare mention where I got that idea from after the
      way I got flamed the last time I mentioned it).

      It has been rumored that the next version of NoteTab Pro will have a
      user configurable command interface which allow me to duplicate a
      certain unmentionalbe command set in NoteTab. So I could type Ctrl-PY
      and it would insert a Ctrl-P character in the text.

      Is there any way I can do that in NTP 4.83?

      Or am I trying vainly to use an HTML text editor as a writing tool?
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