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9918Re: [NTB] Thanks and Happy New Year!

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  • Jody
    Dec 31, 2000
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      Hey howdy hey Eric and All,

      >I also owe a special THANK YOU to Jody,

      Didn't your mother teach you it was impolite to SHOUT at people? ;)

      Thank you my good friend, mentor, and brother!-)

      I must say to you all thank you all so very much for your support
      on these lists. I have learned a great deal from all the
      contributors over the past four years or so the list(s) have been
      running. There are many experts on the various lists in all sorts
      of areas and a special thanks for them sharing their knowledge on
      the lists over the years - too many to mention. While, some of
      you *seem* to think I am the NoteTab "guru," I certainly do not
      think of myself so highly!!! There are many NoteTab experts
      around the world and a good number of them on the lists. Some of
      the programmers can run circles around me in script writing
      methinks because of their experience in programming - but I'm
      learning from them and catching up -look out guys and gals -haha!
      Please do remember our Larry Thomas in your quiet times or
      whenever you might pray!

      I'm certainly looking forward to a New Year with you all and hope
      to learn much more! I also hope to keep gaining new
      relationships and build on the ones I have already with 'Tab'rs.
      I also have enjoyed the humor passing through. the lists do not
      have to be dull and boring tech stuff. Thanks once again; you've
      got a friend in me! :) Keep a positive outlook and don't think
      any problem is too big to not overcome, at least something can be
      done about it - keep on keep'n on, try and try again! If you
      don't try though; you choose to live in the problem and stay part
      of it. ...and always remember...

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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