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9491RE: [NTB] Re: several questions.

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  • Greg Chapman
    Nov 1, 2000
      Hi Stephanie,

      > Isn't Win Explorer and File Manager the same thing?

      Absolutely not! File Manager is the old 16bit program that shipped with Win3.x.
      Explorer is the "improved" 32bit version that ships with Win9x and later.
      (However, WINFILE.EXE the File Manager program is still shipped with Windows -
      certainly up to Win98SE - and can be installed on a Win9x system.

      Many people prefer File Manager because of its MDI (Multi-Document Interface).
      It allows you to have two windows within it each pointing at a different
      disk/directory. This can make copying/moving files around much easier than
      with multiple copies of Explorer/My Computer. It's only disadvantage is that
      being 16bit it doesn't handle long file names. This can lead to problems later
      when looking at files in My Computer/Explorer as these newer programs can be set
      up to alter the apparent capitalisation of the file names and so cause

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