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9486Re: several questions.

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  • Stephanie
    Oct 31, 2000
      Isn't Win Explorer and File Manager the same thing? Anyway, I never
      had a problem with caps. Nothing I have seen indicates any case
      sensitivity regarding image extentions. They all show up fine,


      --- In notetab@egroups.com, Lloyd <lloyd2@m...> wrote:
      > Hi Stephanie,
      > The last time I had this problem, I had moved the image with 'File
      > not Explorer. It changed the first letter of the file name to a
      > While viewing with File Manager, it shows everything as small
      letters. That
      > took me almost an hour to chase down.
      > Lloyd
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > >Hi,
      > >I might have a clue about your .gif images not being displayed. I
      > >had that problem too (except with the .jpg) and 99% of the people
      > >told me my HTML was not correct. Well, my HTML was correct and it
      > >turned out that my graphics viewer was interfering with the mime
      > >types used by the browser to display images. Try this:
      > Lloyd
      > http://lloyd2.home.mindspring.com/index.htm
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