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9476Re: [NTB] several questions.

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  • C/M Maier
    Oct 31 9:00 AM
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      From: "Lotta" <loro@...>
      To: <notetab@egroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2000 10:12 AM
      Subject: Re: [NTB] several questions.

      > Hi MCMAIER and Larry,
      > At 13:57 2000-10-31, MC wrote:
      > >1.FTP doesn't see all my files written in NT and saved in the same
      > >folder. Why?
      > >2. Clicking on View>source tells me that FTP can't find Notepad, even
      > >though I have made NT replace it. Why does this happen? ( Here, I'm
      trying to read the code of the page by clicking on View>Source, and I get
      the message "cannot find the file "notepad"or one of its components). Make
      sure the path and filename are correct & that all required libraries are
      available." What is really strange is that (1) Notepad is not in
      Programs>Accessories where it should be. I found it in another location, and
      dragged it in the accessories folder, but it never shows up there from the
      Start menu. I always have to dig it out to open it. (2) I made NoteTab
      replace Notetab. Is that the problem? Notepad still works.>
      > I'm not sure what application FTP is referring to. View>source indicates
      > that it's not a FTP program but a browser? Please tell. (Yes, I'm trying
      to see how the code was written. I cannot even check on any other web sites
      to see the code, because the "notepad message' pops up.
      > >3. NT constantly tells me upon opening it that several files are not
      > >fully loaded and to use the binary filter next time. Just how is this
      > >done?
      > From Help:
      > ******************************************
      > NoteTab does not load the whole file!
      > The file probably contains one or more null characters. By default,
      > treats the first null character it encounters as the end of the text. To
      > change this behavior, you can set the "Filter Binary Codes" option which
      > you will find on the Files tab in the Options dialog box. When this option
      > is set, any null character NoteTab encounters when loading a file is
      > converted to the substitute character (also defined in the Options dialog
      > box). You will be able to load the full content of any file when this
      > feature is enabled.
      > *******************************************
      > But you should be very careful opening binary files in a texteditor. If
      > "do" something you shouldn't the file can be ruined.( OK. I found this
      under View and checked off binary files. Now I get "Warning: "C:\Windows
      \name of file\maybe a binary file.695 nontext characters have been converted
      to '.'<Alt+0183." What is this doing? I understand you don't see images in
      text editors, but something is wrong if you can't get the darn code to do
      it's job in the browser! I thought NoteTab was so easy for anybody to use<g>
      >4.How do I stop all these messages from opening each time I want to
      > >use NT?
      > Sorry, what messages?( I am greeted with at at least 5 "null character
      ...use binary filter..." each time. I've tried to insert code for gifs and
      that's what happens. )(See above answer)
      > >5. Why aren't my gif images being displayed in the browser? I'm
      > >always getting a small white box with a red x in it.The HTML code is
      > >correct.Many thanks.
      > If you get the box with an x I bet you all Bill Gates' $$$ that the html
      > code or the path to the image is not correct. If you subscribe to the HTML
      > list Larry mentioned and post a sample of the code there someone will help
      > you. Please do. We could use some more people over there :)( I gave him my
      page address)
      > mailto:Ntb-html-Subscribe@...
      > Soon all of US (=Jody <g>) will be awake and you will have a more complete
      > answer. Hang in there.
      > Bye,
      > Lotta
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