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9473Re: [NTB] several questions.

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  • Lotta
    Oct 31, 2000
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      Hi MCMAIER and Larry,

      At 13:57 2000-10-31, MC wrote:
      >1.FTP doesn't see all my files written in NT and saved in the same
      >folder. Why?
      >2. Clicking on View>source tells me that FTP can't find Notepad, even
      >though I have made NT replace it. Why does this happen?

      I'm not sure what application FTP is referring to. View>source indicates
      that it's not a FTP program but a browser? Please tell.

      >3. NT constantly tells me upon opening it that several files are not
      >fully loaded and to use the binary filter next time. Just how is this

      From Help:
      NoteTab does not load the whole file!

      The file probably contains one or more null characters. By default, NoteTab
      treats the first null character it encounters as the end of the text. To
      change this behavior, you can set the "Filter Binary Codes" option which
      you will find on the Files tab in the Options dialog box. When this option
      is set, any null character NoteTab encounters when loading a file is
      converted to the substitute character (also defined in the Options dialog
      box). You will be able to load the full content of any file when this
      feature is enabled.

      But you should be very careful opening binary files in a texteditor. If you
      "do" something you shouldn't the file can be ruined.

      >4.How do I stop all these messages from opening each time I want to
      >use NT?

      Sorry, what messages?

      >5. Why aren't my gif images being displayed in the browser? I'm
      >always getting a small white box with a red x in it.The HTML code is
      >correct.Many thanks.

      If you get the box with an x I bet you all Bill Gates' $$$ that the html
      code or the path to the image is not correct. If you subscribe to the HTML
      list Larry mentioned and post a sample of the code there someone will help
      you. Please do. We could use some more people over there :)

      Soon all of US (=Jody <g>) will be awake and you will have a more complete
      answer. Hang in there.

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