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  • Mike Wilkinson
    Oct 4, 2000
      Hi David,

      I'm not familiar with NTB v4.83, but I have played around with v4.82
      and Outlook Express 5. I have found two ways to create an HTML
      document that can be sent as an e-mail using OE5.

      First, you can create an HTML document and save it, preferably to the
      root directory (c:\file.htm). Then, from within OE5 select
      Message|New Message Using...|Web Page. You'll have to type in the
      location of the HTML document because OE5 doesn't give you a Browse
      function. Using the example file above as an example, use the format
      file:///c:/file.htm. If you've managed to type everything correctly,
      you will then see your HTML document in all of its glory. To see what
      OE5 has done to your beautifully crafted code, select View|Source
      Edit and then click on the Source tab at the bottom of the page.
      You'll see that OE5 has inserted some Meta tags, whatever it thinks
      is the correct document type and more.

      I prefer this approach:

      Open your HTML document and OE5. From within OE5 click on Message|New
      Message (or Ctrl+N). Once in the new message window, make sure you
      have selected Format|Rich Text (HTML), then click View|Source Edit
      and then click on the Source tab at the bottom of the page. Highlight
      everything OE5 has already put in there and delete it. Then copy and
      paste all of your HTML code from the document you have open in NTB
      into the Source window in OE5. Click on the Preview button and you'll
      see the OE5 rendition of your HTML document. Click on Source again
      and you'll see what OE5 has done to your code. In this case, it won't
      be too bad - just a couple of meta tags. You won't be able to make
      them go away permanently.

      Two notes:

      - You will probably find that OE5 renders your text in using the font
      that you have selected as default within OE5 (not your default
      browser font). If you want another font, you will have to specify it
      in a font tag within your HTML document.

      - If you want to include images in your document, you will probably
      want to upload them to a host and then refer to them with absolute
      rather than relative addresses in your HTML document. In other words,
      use the format: <img

      I'm sure there are e-mail clients that make this simpler, but if
      you're using OE5, in actual practice the second method I outlined is
      pretty quick.

      Good Luck!

      Mike Wilkinson
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