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  • Jim Hall
    Sep 30, 2000
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      At 07:59 AM 9/30/00, you wrote:
      >Has anyone else found this problem
      >If you open the HTML LIBRARY[the one with the quick tags and clipbar
      >items] and has the spelling Auto correct on and type any of the quick
      >tags e.g. a,b,p,c,m you will set a web link. This lib. is not auto???
      > It makes it had to do any typing if you leave this library open
      >and your not doing html editing.
      > As soon as you go to the notetabstd ini file and change the
      >AUTOREPLACE=1 TO 0 , this I assume is for the spelling this behaviour
      >stops is this a bug.

      Dave and All,

      This has been noted before and reported to Eric.

      If you have TOOLS|AUTO-REPLACE MODE selected and attempt to type any word
      into your document that is also a "Single word" Clip Header (on any Clip
      Library), NoteTab won't let you add the word to your document and executes
      the Clip instead.

      If the Clip Header has 2 or more words in it then NoteTab will not do this.

      Known Available work-arounds are:

      1. Turn off Auto-Replace

      2. Rename Clips to 2 word Names


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