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9033Re: [NTB] Paragraph and Tab tokens in Find

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  • Scott Fordin
    Sep 9, 2000
      Thanks, Jody. The issue was that it was saying ^P not found,
      so I was confused. It seems to be working today though, so
      now I'm really confused. Is there any setting I could
      possibly make that would cause this behavior? Could a file
      in UNIX format cause such problems. I tried it with both
      Windows- and UNIX-format files, and the problem was the
      same. As I said though, it seems to be working today, so
      I'm really confused...



      > >I'm not sure if I've come across this previously; if so, I just
      > >discovered it anew! It seems that searching for paragraph and tab
      > >tokens (^P & ^T) only works in the Replace dialog, not in the
      > >Find dialog. This seems weird to me. Am I missing something?
      >NoteTab Pro does not show them highlighted but does search for
      >them. Try pressing Shift+F12 first.
      >Happy NoteTab'n,
      >Jody Adair
      >The NoteTabbers Assistant Page
      >The NoteTab Basic Discussion List
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