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8918Re: [NTB] Out of System Resources (TClipBookList)

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  • Jody
    Aug 19 6:22 PM
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      Hi DA,

      >1. Seems to have something to do with either (or both) the number
      > of files open at the time I get the error or the size of the
      > file that I am opening. When I have about 15 +/- 3 smallish
      > files open I have to be prepared to get the error message.

      I would like to know if you are seeing that after clicking on a
      Clip please. That is the only time I have seen it with monster
      wizards and already having low resources at the time. Are you
      running an anti-virus program? If so, shut it off and see if you
      have the same results. Since this is an isolated problem, could
      you reply to either the ntb-Beta list or Off-Topic please, or
      private eMail is fine. Click and send:


      You might try downloading Kernel Toys from Microsoft and use the
      WinTop utility and see if there is a certain program eating up
      your CPU time. Start them up and watch - sometimes a problem
      program can hang for quite awhile using 90+% CPU time before
      "normaling" up.

      >3. While testing a routine that reports on available ram and
      >virtual user storage available, when loading NoteTab pushes ram
      >to zero, I got a different message (sorry, I can't remember what
      >it was) then the computer hung up and I had to do a reset and
      >This might not be a NoteTab problem because some other (but not
      >all) applications do this also. Maybe I have a system problem
      >because I thought some of the ram should be spooling to disk as
      >the available ram neared zero.
      >#3 above is unrelated to the original problem.
      >Anyhow, I still don't have any real complaints. NotePad is just
      >fine for me!

      You ought to try NoteTab sometime; it is said to be the best text
      editor on the market! <bg>

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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