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8917Re: [NTB] Out of System Resources (TClipBookList)

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  • DA
    Aug 19 4:31 PM
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      Hi Jody,

      Just another note about what I have noticed regarding this error.
      It doesn't seem to be caused by the word processor file.

      1. Seems to have something to do with either (or both) the number
      of files open at the time I get the error or the size of the
      file that I am opening. When I have about 15 +/- 3 smallish
      files open I have to be prepared to get the error message.

      2. Once I got the message and the "OK" button wouldn't close
      the MessageBox. Clicking the "X" did close it, however.

      3. While testing a routine that reports on available ram
      and virtual user storage available, when loading NoteTab
      pushes ram to zero, I got a different message (sorry, I can't
      remember what it was) then the computer hung up and I had to
      do a reset and reboot.
      This might not be a NoteTab problem because some other
      (but not all) applications do this also. Maybe I have a
      system problem because I thought some of the ram should be
      spooling to disk as the available ram neared zero.

      #3 above is unrelated to the original problem.

      Anyhow, I still don't have any real complaints. NotePad is
      just fine for me!


      > I'm still curious to know if the word processor file is what is
      > causing it. NoteTab should open in with no errors.
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