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8849Re: Double-click and other questions

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  • Larry Thomas
    Aug 10, 2000
      Hi All,

      At 05:38 PM 08/10/2000 -0500, Raymond Fitzgerald in private mail:
      >Larry, hi!
      >How are ya? I'm so dang busy; waay behind on NoteTab posts. But I did just
      >happen to open and read the latest digest #112. And was thinking that
      >perhaps you might want to clarify one part in your otherwise usual excellent
      >and comprehensive response to David's question:

      >>This is the way NoteTab is set up to start. You can change it by going to
      >>the menu and selecting Tools|Quick Open Links. You will see that Quick Open
      >>Links is checked before you click it and if you select Tools again after you
      >>click it you will see the check mark is gone. This is a toggle to turn it
      >off or on. There is a price to pay for having it off though. You can
      >>double click on a word to select it without the dialog box comming up but
      >>Eric has provided a hyperlink feature that you place text in brackets that
      >>matches something elsewhere in the document or another document and when you
      >>double click on it, NoteTab will jump to that text from the hyperlink. This
      >>feature will not be available if you shut off the Quick Open Links feature.
      >>You should try hyperlinks first to see if you want to use it or give it up.
      >>If you like it, you may decide to give up selecting words with a double
      >>click instead. You can read about hyperlinks in the help file under How
      >>To|Use Web and Document Links. You should also look at the Readme.otl file
      >>that came with the installation to see and try the hyperlinks in it.
      >>This feature will not be available if you shut off the Quick Open Links

      >The point of clarification being that hyperlink navigation is still
      >available--the price to pay is just having to hold the Ctrl key down while
      >double-clicking. Or the pure keyboard way (Ctrl+H) works the same in either

      Sorry, this was a missed feature on my part. I may have seen this before
      and known about it but I have always used NoteTab the other way and now it
      is just as if I never knew this and I'm learning it for the first time.
      Probably a sign of Alzheimer's. Ray is correct and that is the way it
      works for me also.

      Thank you for the correction Ray.


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