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8820Re: [NTB] Double-click and other questions

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  • Jody
    Aug 9 2:01 PM
      Hi David,

      Welcome to NoteTab and the list. ;)

      >1. When doing plain editing, I get an infuriating dialog box
      >('Open link in browser') whenever I double-click on a word to
      >select it. I assume this is an option I've unwittingly invoked,
      >but where do I disable it?

      Look under Tools and uncheck "Quick Open Links."

      >2. During composition of new HTML documents, the 'View in
      >Browser' facility insists on showing the code as unparsed text.
      >Even if I change the extension of my new file to .htm, the
      >temporary browser file remains 'efo~1.txt' (or whatever). The
      >only way I've found round this is to save the new file and re-
      >open it - no big effort, but is there another way?

      Try using .htm for your default new files:

      Options | File filters | Default extension

      FWIW, my default is .jwa. I pasted a sample HTML file in and it
      was displayed in HTML in IE.

      >3. Just as a comment, I don't really agree with the headline 'Explorer
      >"Open" Command Limits' in the Known Issues page in Help. Here is one task
      >(opening multiple files) which humble Notepad manages quickly and well, and
      >which NoteTab can't do. In all other respects, of course, the two editors
      >can't be mentioned in the same breath.

      I'll so some testing on that...

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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