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8818The Trouble with Tabs

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  • Jason Waugh
    Aug 9, 2000
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      Using NoteTab Pro:

      I'd like to be able to set up tab stops... the help file implies that this
      is possible in Light and Std by typing multiple tab sizes in the Document
      Properties and separating them with semicolons. I can't type semicolons in
      the Tab Size box in Pro... am I out of luck here?


      I'd like to be able to jump to a tab stop..... Smart Tabs is fantastic,
      however, I can't tab around my document without actually inserting a tab in
      the document thereby shifting all characters in that line over. Ctrl-Tab
      has no effect. Shift-Tab has no effect for going backwards, either. If
      there really is no way of doing this, then perhaps it might be a good thing
      to implement in a future version...? (The help files show that Ctrl-Tab
      and Ctrl-Shift-Tab can be used to move around between tab stops, but I'm
      assuming, although the help file doesn't say so, that these keys only work
      in the Light and Std versions that use the different edit control.)

      Jason Waugh.
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