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8817Double-click and other questions

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  • David Ash
    Aug 9, 2000
      Right - I'm a newcomer to this interesting and versatile piece of software,
      and have some questions you've probably all heard before.

      1. When doing plain editing, I get an infuriating dialog box ('Open link in
      browser') whenever I double-click on a word to select it. I assume this is
      an option I've unwittingly invoked, but where do I disable it?

      2. During composition of new HTML documents, the 'View in Browser' facility
      insists on showing the code as unparsed text. Even if I change the
      extension of my new file to .htm, the temporary browser file remains
      'efo~1.txt' (or whatever). The only way I've found round this is to save
      the new file and re-open it - no big effort, but is there another way?

      3. Just as a comment, I don't really agree with the headline 'Explorer
      "Open" Command Limits' in the Known Issues page in Help. Here is one task
      (opening multiple files) which humble Notepad manages quickly and well, and
      which NoteTab can't do. In all other respects, of course, the two editors
      can't be mentioned in the same breath.

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