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86Re: [notetab] ADMIN: Invitations

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  • Kay Roath
    Jul 1, 1998
      7/3/98 4:33 PM Cindy wrote

      >> Is anyone else having trouble with multiple instances of the
      >> NoteTab's even though Allow Multiple Instances is NOT checked?
      >> I'm not sure when it started but it's been since the beta that I
      >> keep getting random multiples on SNT / NTP / NTPbeta. It's weird.
      >> (Win95)
      C> I have to be really tired, I didn't understand a thing you said.
      C> <GRIN> What has multiple instances, the list or notetab

      Whoops - miscommunication. Was getting the NoteTab programs
      loaded with each new file I was trying to read instead of each
      one in a tab in the same program. If I tried to send 3 files
      to NTP, I got a new NTP for each one. Nothing to do with the
      --- Grandma Kay

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